Our Grantees

We’re delighted to announce the three exciting research projects funded through our SIREN Innovation Grants program. The program was developed to advance our mission of catalyzing and disseminating high quality research on strategies for addressing patients’ basic resource needs as part of high quality clinical care. Our first Call for Proposals requested proposals that could add to our understanding of the health care cost and utilization impacts of interventions initiated in the context of health care delivery that target patients’ social and economic hardships. We look forward to working with the research groups over the course of the next two years.

Cost-benefit analysis of housing prescriptions as health care, a pilot study
Megan Sandel, MD, MPH (PI) | Children’s HealthWatch, Boston Medical Center

The research team will conduct a cost-benefit analysis of an existing 3-year pilot study, Housing Prescriptions as Health Care (HPHC). HPHC is an innovative project aims to alleviate housing instability, a known risk factor for negative child health and developmental outcomes. The study uses a randomized control trial (RCT) design wherein families are screened for eligibility by CHW staff in the Emergency Department and Primary Care clinics at Boston Medical Center and randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group. Learn more

Targeting social needs to reduce the total cost of care: Evaluating the impact of a clinic-based community resource desk intervention
Bill Wright, PhD (PI) | Providence Portland Medical Center

This prospective longitudinal panel study will assess whether embedding an onsite community resource desk (CRD) staffed by community partner agencies and designed to help patients with a range of basic needs impacts the short-term health care utilization and cost patterns of patients with such challenges. Learn more

Utilization and cost impact of a community health navigator intervention to address social needs: A randomized controlled trial
Claudia L. Nau, PhD (PI) | Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

The study team will use a randomized controlled trial design to evaluate the impact of a newly developed community health navigator (CHN) program at Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s (KPSC) Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC). The goals of the project are to assess the impact of the CHN program on health care utilization and cost and return on investment (ROI). Learn more