Screening Tools

We’ve gathered some of the screening tools used for identifying and addressing social needs in health care settings. To the extent information is available to us, along with the actual tool we provide a brief summary about where and when the tool has been used and links to any existing evidence about it.

AAFP Short-Form Social Needs Screening Tool

American Academy of Family Physicians
Eleven-question Provider Short-Form Social Needs Screening Tool. Questions 1-10 are reprinted with permission from the National Academy of Sciences, courtesy of the National Academies Press, Washington, D.C. Published as part of the American Academy of Family Physician's EveryONE Project. Download...

Medical-Legal Partnership Screening Guide

National Center for Medical-Legal PartnershipsThe Advisory Board Company
The National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership, with pro bono support from The Advisory Board Company, reviewed 80 tools used by medical-legal partnerships across the country to screen for patients’ legal need and then developed a common screening tool that can be used by hospitals and health...

National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships Performance Measures Handbook

National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships
Given the widespread growth of MLPs, it is necessary to evaluate both the performance and impact of MLPs. Such an evaluation will then identify areas of strength and areas of quality improvement. This handbook identifies seven performance measures and guides teams of health care and legal partner...