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This Evidence Library contains research articles, issue briefs, reports, and commentaries that either focus on or are relevant to evaluating health care-based interventions that address patients’ social and economic needs. We prioritize for inclusion resources that carefully describe and evaluate the social needs components of these interventions, and to a lesser extent those where the social components are mentioned but are not the primary focus of the work. The library currently includes only papers published since the year 2000. If you are aware of a resource you think should be added to our Evidence Library, please let us know.

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Collection of social determinants of health in the community clinic setting: A cross-sectional study

S.V. Kusnoor, T.Y. Koonce, S.T. Hurley, K.M. McClellan, M.N. Blasingame, E.T. Frakes, L.C. Huang, M.I. Epelbaum, N.B. Giuse
BMC Public Health

Background: Addressing social and behavioral determinants of health (SBDs) may help improve health outcomes of community clinic patients.

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Journal Article

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In focus: Creating pathways and partnerships to address patients’ social needs

M. Hostetter, S. Klein
The Commonwealth Fund

Although health care professionals have long understood that social factors, including food insecurity and unstable housing, have an outsized effect on health, many have lacked the resources and financial incentives to intervene.

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