Characteristics of Social Prescribing Statements by Professional Medical Associations

The table below links to professional medical association (PMA) clinical guidelines and policy statements that feature themes related to assessing for and/or addressing social risk/resilience in health care delivery settings. The statements were collected from 42 different PMAs, including the American Academy of Family Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College of Physicians. As shown, 15 PMA statements referred to clinic-based social or economic health screening activities, 35 described clinical interventions to promote social or economic health, and 4 referred to finance the related activities.

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AAFP P Social Determinants of Health 2013 X X  
AAFP P Population Health 2015   X  
AAFP P Health Equity 2016   X  
AAFP PS Poverty and Health 2013 X X  
AAFP P Human Trafficking 2017   X  
AAFP PS Incarceration and Health 2017   X  
AAFP PS Primary Care and Public Health 2015   X  
AAFP P Violence 2017   X  
AAP P Health Equity & Children's Rights 2010 X    
AAP P Poverty and Child Health 2016 X X  
AAP P Food Security 2015 X X  
AAP P Immigrant Children 2013 X X  
AAP P Community Pediatrics 2013   X X
AAP P Team-Based Care 2017   X  
AAP P Care Coordination 2014   X  
AAP P Family Support Programs 2011   X  
AAP P Medical Home 2002   X  
AAP P Homeless Youth 2013   X  
AAP P Childhood Adversity 2012 X   X
AAP P Advocacy for Nutrition 2018   X  
AAP P School Readiness 2016   X  
ACC P Team-Based Care 2015   X  
ACC P Patient Centered Care 2012   X  
ACEP P Resource Guidelines 2014   X  
ACEP P Geriatric Emergency Department 2013   X  
ACEP P Human Trafficking 2016 X X  
ACOG CG Social Determinants and Cultural Awareness 2018 X X  
ACOG CG Team-Based Care 2016   X  
ACOG CG Homeless Women 2013   X  
ACP P The Medically Underserved Not stated   X X
ACP PS Social Determinants of Health 2018 X X X
ACPM PS Weight Management 2016   X  
AMA P Human Trafficking 2015   X  
AMA P Obesity 2013   X  
APA P Serious Mental Illness 2016 X X  
APA P Displaced Persons 2017   X  
APA CG PTSD Evaluation 2004 X    
APA CG Psychiatric Evaluation of Adults 2015 X    
APA CG Depression 2010 X    
APA CG Suicide 2003 X    
* AAFP = American Academy of Family Physicians, AAP = American Academy of Pediatrics, ACC = American College of Cardiology, ACEP = American College of Emergency Physicians, ACOG = American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, ACP = American College of Physicians, ACPM = American College of Preventative Medicine, AMA = American Medical Association, APA = American Psychiatric Association

** P = Policy, PS = Position Statement, CG = Clinical Guideline