Understanding the impacts of social and medical care integration requires collaborations and partnerships that span disciplines and sectors. Below we link to some of SIREN’s key partners.

CHCS is a non-profit policy center that advances innovations in health care delivery for low-income Americans. CHCS facilitates problem-solving exchanges and peer learning among a diverse range of health care stakeholders to improve access, integrate fragmented services, reduce avoidable expenditures, and link payment with quality. CHCS’ technical assistance and training activities, supported primarily by philanthropic and federal funding, are organized under three core priorities: health care coverage and access, delivery system and payment reform, and integrated services for people with complex needs. Learn more

Health Leads is a social enterprise that envisions a health care system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care. For 20 years, Health Leads has worked with leading healthcare organizations to tackle social co-morbidities by connecting patients to the community-based resources they need to be healthy – from food to transportation to healthcare benefits. Health Leads is committed to leveraging its tools, expertise and direct services to change what “counts” as healthcare – and accelerate the leadership, best practices, incentives and research required to improve the health and well-being of patients. Learn more

JSI is a research and consulting organization dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of underserved communities. JSI is committed to evidence-based, innovative approaches that use resources efficiently, meaningfully engage stakeholders, and advance health equity. JSI supports their clients and partners in healthcare, community, government, academic, and philanthropic organizations through applied research & evaluation, strategic planning & facilitation, policy development & implementation, and health communication. Learn more

KP’s mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of their members and the communities they serve. Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefit program promotes wellness in its members and the communities it serves through subsidized care and coverage, promotion of healthy environments, healthy investments and helping to develop and support models of care that improve patient health. KP’s Community Benefit program is a key SIREN funder. Learn more

OCHIN is one of the nation’s largest and most successful health information networks, spanning 18 states and serving over 4,500 physicians. Their Health IT solutions improve the integration and delivery of health care services across a wide variety of practices—with an emphasis on safety net clinics and small practices as well as critical access and rural hospitals. OCHIN is focused on helping practices use Health IT tools to achieve the core components of care quality improvement that are essential to realizing Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim goals: (1) improving patient experience; (2) enhancing population health; (3) controlling costs. Learn more

In connection with their focus areas (targeted research, policy and systems research, and research-driven demonstrations) RWJF’s REL program funds a research to expand the understanding of what shapes health and what interventions have greatest potential for impact. REL approaches all research investments with a commitment to rigor, objectivity, and building a solid evidence base around what works when it comes to improving the nation’s health. REL is a key SIREN funder. Learn more