COVID-19 Resource Page

Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations

In these very uncertain times, we appreciate that our stakeholders are doing all they can to keep their communities safe and to increase protections for vulnerable populations.

Your work is especially important since the COVID-19 pandemic will both reveal and widen inequalities across the US and internationally. It will disproportionately burden those already experiencing socioeconomic barriers, especially. We’ve complied a selection of recent articles and data highlighting the potential impacts on resource-poor individuals and communities. We also link to a repository of questions developed to identify impacts of the epidemic and its aftermath on vulnerable populations. Further down, we have begun to aggregate information on a range of ways that health care systems can act to mitigate these adverse impacts.

To help our stakeholders, SIREN is sharing resources on the following topics. Click on any of the hyperlinks below to learn more.

Please don’t hesitate to send us ideas about how to make this new resource more useful for you. We know you all are doing rapid cycle learning in this area, too.