Identifying and Quantifying the Impact of Social Determinants of Health

eHealth Initiative
Jan 22, 2020
11am-12pm PST / 2pm-3pm EST

Join eHI as our webinar panelists discuss real world examples on the ways social determinants of health impact the healthcare spectrum and how this perspective could be effectively leveraged in a robust health strategy.

Their panel will discuss:

· Five steps for bold action when leading in social determinants of health

· Applying technology and data analytics to tackle social determinants of health

· A case study on quantifying the health impact and return on investment of Meals on Wheels, detailing how the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) of Texas applied technology to quantify their program's impact.

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Chris Culak, Vice President, Chief of Strategy & Development, VNA Meals on Wheels
Benjamin Isgur, Health Research Institute Leader PwC