November Research Round-Up

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The following represents a selection of publications recently added to the SIREN Evidence & Resource Library. If there is an article you think we should add to our Library, let us know.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Using Social Risk Data in Analytics
Social Determinants of Health in Electronic Health Records and Their Impact on Analysis and Risk Prediction: A Systematic Review
M. Chen, X. Tan, & R. Padman
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Social Determinants of Health Score: Does it Help Identify Those at Higher Cardiovascular Risk?
A. Palacio, R. Mansi, D. Seo, et al.
American Journal of Managed Care

Patient-Reported Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health and Estimated Risk of Hospitalization in High-Risk Veterans Affairs Patients
D.M. Zulman, M.L. Maciejewski, J.M. Grubber, et al.
JAMA Network Open

Comparison of Community-Level and Patient-Level Social Risk Data in a Network of Community Health Centers
E.K. Cottrell, M. Hendricks, K. Dambrun, et al.
JAMA Network Open

Identifying Relative Changes in Social Risk Factors: An Analytic Approach
S. Xu, G.K. Goodrich, K.R. Moore, et al.
Medical Care

Social Care Interventions
Foods for Health: An Integrated Social Medical Approach to Food Insecurity Among Patients with Diabetes
J.L. Blitstein, D. Lazar, K. Gregory, et al.
American Journal of Health Promotion

The Impact of a Community Resource Navigator Program on Patient Trust
A. Bryant, A. Walsh-Felz, J. Jacklitz, & S. Lindberg
Wisconsin Medical Journal

Process Evaluation of a Systemic Intervention to Identify and Support Partner Violence Survivors in a Multi-Specialty Health System
E.C. Jackson, L.M. Renner, N.I. Flowers, M.E. Logeais, & C.J. Clark
BMC Health Services Research

Approaches to Addressing Social Determinants of Health in the NICU: A Mixed Methods Study
M.G. Parker, A. Garg, A. Brochier, et al.
Journal of Perinatology

Commentaries & Blogs

Better Housing Improves People’s Lives—Health Benefits Should Be Seen as a Bonus
S. Glied
Milbank Quarterly Opinion

Addressing Social Determinants of Liver Disease During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond: A Call to Action
A. Kardashian, J. Wilder, N.A. Terrault, & J.C. Price


Social Determinants of Health Resource Guide
National Committee for Quality Assurance

Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plan: Gap Analysis and Policy Developments
Association for Community Affiliated Plans

Educating Health Professionals to Address the Social Determinants of Mental Health: Proceedings of a Workshop
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Improving Health Equity Through Medical-Legal Partnerships
American Hospital Association