Poster Session

Mon 2/4: 5:30-7:00pm


D. Aaron et al.: PDF iconSmall Intervention, Big Impact: Health Care Cost Reductions Related to Medically Tailored Nutrition


S. Bultema et al.: PDF iconDesigning Equitable Health Systems Using Network Analysis


E. Byhoff et al.: PDF iconYou Can’t Scale Unicorns: Exploring Community Based Organizations’ Perspectives on Health Care’s Entry into Social Determinants of Health Programming

R. Chang-Weir et al.: Collecting Social Determinants of Health Data in the Clinical Setting: Findings from the National PRAPARE Project

C. De La Cueva et al.: Food as Medicine: a novel food delivery program incorporating vegetables and whole grains


J. Engelberg et al.: Developing a Senior-Specific Screener: Identifying and Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Seniors


K. Fiori et al.: Partnering to Expand Community Outreach in Pediatric Primary Care: The Community Linkage to Care Program

R. Hasan et al.: The Student Navigator Project (SNaP): novel value-added roles for preclinical medical students integrating social and health systems science

C. Hertz et al.: Moving from the Hospital to Home: A Social-Medical Partnership Addressing Health Equity for People Experiencing Homelessness


T. Hoeft et al.: Enhanced case management in depression care workflows: lessons from primary care partnerships with community-based organizations


R. Jungbauer et al.: The Most Vulnerable Project (MVP): Integration of Medical and Social Care in the Inpatient Setting

M. Kanak et al.: Pilot Study of a Mobile-based Social Services Self-Screening and Referral Tool in an Urban Pediatric Emergency Department

S. Marpagda et al.: Challenges and Successes with Food Resource Referrals for Food Insecure Patients with Diabetes


A. Morris et al.: PDF iconLeveraging Home-Delivered Meal Programs to Address Social Determinants of Health for Vulnerable Seniors

M. Ommerborn et al.: An empowerment model for screening patients for health-related social needs in primary care

A. Rogers et al.: PDF iconLatent class analysis illustrating social needs' potential impact on health care utilization

A. Singer et al.: PDF iconEvaluation of A Patient-Centered Approach to Social Determinants of Health Screening


J. Steiner et al.: An inventory and scoping review of programs to address basic resource needs in Kaiser Permanente

D. Varda et al.: Aligning the Delivery and Finance Systems of the Social Service Sector to Absorb Hospital/Clinical Social Determinant of Health Referrals