Grant & Presentation Resources

We hope that some of the resources here can help you as you write grants, prepare publications, or create research presentations on SIREN-related themes. Please don’t hesitate to include any of these images in your work if they can be helpful. If there are similar resources from your work you are willing to share with others in our growing network, please let us know.

More information on specific publications and issues briefs can be found in our Evidence Library.

Framework About Health Care Financing and Reimbursement Mechanisms to Support Health-Related Social Support Services

Dec 21, 2016
Stephanie Kennedy
A project framework developed by AcademyHealth to guide investigations into the financing/reimbursement mechanisms used by health plans & providers to support non-clinical population health-related social support services.

Introducing SIREN

This slide provides a brief description of SIREN’s mission and activities as well as SIREN program contact information.

Evaluations of Social Interventions in Clinical Settings

This slide presents the results of a literature review on evaluations of social interventions published in the academic literature between January 2000 and January 2015. The results show that evaluations conducted have largely focused on process and SDH outcomes rather than on health, health care utilization, or provider outcomes.

Health Care's Blind Side Survey Results

These slides present results from a 2011 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey of 1,000 American physicians in the American Medical Association and their perceptions of their patients' unmet social needs.

2011 Physician's Daily Life Report

A presentation by Harris Interactive commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that shares results of the 2011 Physician's Daily Life survey.

Infographic: Pediatricians play a critical role in protecting children from food insecurity

The Food Research & Action Center and American Academy of Pediatrics have put together an infographic with key facts about childhood food insecurity and ways for pediatricians to prepare, screen, and intervene.

IOM Social and Behavioral Domains and Measures

Figure with the list of Institute of Medicine recommended social and behavioral domains and measures and frequency of screenings.