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Mapping the navigation systems of Pennsylvania: Opportunities for the future

M. Shumate
Social Impact Network Consulting

When a vulnerable person needs help in Pennsylvania, they face a daunting task. They must navigate a fragmented and ever-changing landscape of benefits, services, and programs scattered across an array of providers. There are several steps necessary for an individual to receive help. First, they must identify a need and choose to seek help. Then they need to identify the benefit, program, or service that meets their need and the provider offering that service. They must determine if they are eligible to receive help. Next, they need to enroll in the benefit, program, or service – often requiring them to produce documentation and complete applications. Finally, they must persist in receiving the service. For some services or programs, this may entail multiple visits.

There are four navigation designs examined in this report: community connectors, demanded directories, healthcare developers, and system integrators. Navigation designs describe how human navigators, referral platforms, and the nature of the intervention combine. Their intersections describe the character of navigation systems better than any single element (e.g., referral platform adopted). 

Shumate M. Mapping the navigation systems of Pennsylvania: Opportunities for the future. Social Impact Network Consulting. 2021. Available online.

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