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Screening for poverty and poverty-related social determinants of health

R.S. Berman, M.R. Patel, P.F. Belamarich, R.S. Gross
Pediatr Rev

Given the known negative outcomes associated with poverty, it is important for pediatricians to identify families living in poverty.


Peer Reviewed Research


Cost-effectiveness of a health system-based smoking cessation program

D.E. Levy, E.V. Klinger, J.A. Linder, E.W. Fleegler, N.A. Rigotti, E.R. Park, J.S. Haas
Nicotine Tob Res

Introduction: Project CLIQ (Community Link to Quit) was a proactive population-outreach strategy using an electronic health records-based smoker registry and interactive voice recognition technology to connect low- to moderate-income smokers with cessation counseling, medications, and social...


Peer Reviewed Research

Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), Other Study Design

Improving social determinants of health: Effectiveness of a web-based intervention

A. Hassan, E.A. Scherer, A. Pikcilingis, E. Krull, L. McNickles, G. Marmon, E.R. Woods, E.W. Fleegler
Am J Prev Med

Introduction: Although patients who experience health-related social problems such as food insecurity are at increased risk for negative health outcomes, there are few systems for screening and intervention.


Peer Reviewed Research

Pre-post without Comparison Group, Other Study Design

Proactive tobacco cessation outreach to smokers of low socioeconomic status: A randomized clinical trial

J.S. Haas, J.A. Linder, E.R. Park, I. Gonzalez, N.A. Rigotti, E.V. Klinger, E.Z. Kontos, A.M. Zaslavsky, P. Brawarsky, L.X. Marinacci, S. St Hubert, E.W. Fleegler, D.R. Williams
JAMA Intern Med

Importance: Widening socioeconomic disparities in mortality in the United States are largely explained by slower declines in tobacco use among smokers of low socioeconomic status (SES) than among those of higher SES, which points to the need for targeted tobacco cessation interventions.


Peer Reviewed Research

Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)

Food insecurity and the burden of health-related social problems in an urban youth population

T.E. Baer, E.A. Scherer, E.W. Fleegler, A. Hassan
J Adolesc Health

Purpose: Our study objectives were to (1) determine the prevalence of food insecurity; (2) examine the association between presence and level of food insecurity with other health-related social problems; and (3) assess the predictive values of a two-item food insecurity screen in an urban youth...


Peer Reviewed Research

Other Study Design

Youths' health-related social problems: Concerns often overlooked during the medical visit

A. Hassan, E.A. Blood, A. Pikcilingis, E.G. Krull, L. McNickles, G. Marmon, S. Wylie, E.R. Woods, E.W. Fleegler
J Adolesc Health

Objective: The objectives of this study were to (1) measure the prevalence of health-related social problems among adolescent and young adult primary care patients; (2) estimate previous screening and referral experiences; and (3) examine participant attitudes toward screening and referral.


Peer Reviewed Research

Other Study Design

Assessing and referring adolescents' health-related social problems: Qualitative evaluation of a novel web-based approach

S.A. Wylie, A. Hassan, E.G. Krull, A.B. Pikcilingis, H.L. Corliss, E.R. Woods, E.W. Fleegler
J Telemed Telecare

We conducted a qualitative study to examine users' perceptions of a web-based screening and referral system for young adults with health-related social problems. The first 50 patients who used the system also took part in semi-structured interviews.


Peer Reviewed Research

Other Study Design

Families' health-related social problems and missed referral opportunities

E.W. Fleegler, T.A. Lieu, P.H. Wise, S. Muret-Wagstaff

Objectives: The objectives of this study were to characterize (1) families' cumulative burden of health-related social problems regarding access to health care, housing, food security, income security, and intimate partner violence; (2) families' experiences regarding screening and referral for...


Peer Reviewed Research

Other Study Design