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Screening for poverty and poverty-related social determinants of health

R.S. Berman, M.R. Patel, P.F. Belamarich, R.S. Gross
Pediatr Rev

Given the known negative outcomes associated with poverty, it is important for pediatricians to identify families living in poverty.


Peer Reviewed Research


Caregiver opinion of in-hospital screening for unmet social needs by pediatric residents

J.D. Colvin, J.L. Bettenhausen, K.D. Anderson-Carpenter, V. Collie-Akers, P.J. Chung
Acad Pediatr

Objective: Child health is strongly influenced by social determinants. Little is known about the opinions of primary caregivers regarding the physicians' role in addressing social needs.


Peer Reviewed Research

Other Study Design

Addressing social determinants of health in the adolescent medical home

T.E. Baer, L. Gottlieb, M. Sandel
Curr Opin Pediatric

Purpose of Review: To provide a framework for addressing the social determinants of health (SDH) in the adolescent medical home.


Peer Reviewed Research

Review, Other Study Design

Applying surveillance and screening to family psychosocial issues: Implications for the medical home

A. Garg, P.H. Dworkin
J Dev Behav Pediatr

Within the medical home, understanding the family and community context in which children live is critical to optimally promoting children's health and development. How to best identify psychosocial issues likely to have an impact on children's development is uncertain.


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