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Community resource navigator model: Utilizing student volunteers to integrate health and social care in a community health center setting

S. Sandhu , J. Xu , L. Blanchard , H. Eisenson , C. Crowder, V. Sotelo Munoz, C. Drake, J.A. Prvu Bettger
International Journal of Integrated Care

Introduction: While unmet social needs are major drivers of health outcomes, most health systems are not fully integrated with the social care sector to address them.


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Collecting social determinants of health data in the clinical setting: Findings from national PRAPARE implementation

R. Chang Weir, M. Proser, M. Jester, V. Li, C.M. Hood-Ronick, D. Gurewich
J Health Care Poor Underserved

Background: The Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patient Assets, Risks, and Experiences (PRAPARE) is a nationally recognized standardized protocol that goes beyond medical acuity to account for patients' social determinants of health (SDH).


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Assessing and addressing social needs in primary care

C. Drake, H. Eisenson
NEJM Catalyst

While efforts to assess and address social determinants of health (SDOH) in primary care are inherently limited in their ability to address larger systemic challenges, approaches to respond to individual level patient social needs show real potential for improving health and reducing...


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What would it take to reduce inequities in life expectancy?

G.M. Kenney, T. Waidmann, L. Skopec, E.H. Allen
Urban Institute

What if everyone had the same prospects for living a long and healthy life, no matter who they are or where they call home?


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Collection of social determinants of health in the community clinic setting: A cross-sectional study

S.V. Kusnoor, T.Y. Koonce, S.T. Hurley, K.M. McClellan, M.N. Blasingame, E.T. Frakes, L.C. Huang, M.I. Epelbaum, N.B. Giuse
BMC Public Health

Background: Addressing social and behavioral determinants of health (SBDs) may help improve health outcomes of community clinic patients.


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In focus: Creating pathways and partnerships to address patients’ social needs

M. Hostetter, S. Klein
The Commonwealth Fund

Although health care professionals have long understood that social factors, including food insecurity and unstable housing, have an outsized effect on health, many have lacked the resources and financial incentives to intervene.


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