Data Sharing and the Law: Overcoming Health Care Sector Barriers to Sharing Data on Social Determinants

Jul 30, 2020
Cindy Mann, JD, Partner, Manatt Health
Alexander Dworkowitz, JD, MPP, Partner, Manatt Health
Laura Gottlieb*, MD, MPH, Director, Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network *Moderator

Meaningfully integrating social risk screening and social interventions into health care delivery programs requires overcoming new challenges, including barriers to developing strong partnerships between health care providers and community-based organizations (CBOs). Since health care organizations’ ability to engage with social services, education, and criminal justice sectors often requires the exchange of detailed information—including information that may be subject to federal and/or state privacy laws—an important barrier to effective partnerships is the lack of an established framework that enables health care providers to disclose personal information with CBOs and other involved parties. In this webinar, colleagues from Manatt Health shared findings from a report outlining circumstances in which health care organizations can exchange personal information outside the health care sector in compliance with federal and state law. The webinar highlighted four use cases that helped to illustrate opportunities for the health care sector to share data with other organizations.

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