Opportunities and Tensions in Community Based Organization-Health Care Collaborations to Address Patients' Social Needs

Sep 24, 2019
Tricia McGinnis, MPP, MPH, Center for Health Care Strategies
Elena Byhoff, MD, MSc, Tufts Medical Center
Hugh Alderwick, The Health Foundation

Presenters discussed on findings from recent research that explores community-based organization/health care collaborations to address patients’ social needs. Moderator Tricia McGinnis from the Center for Health Care Strategies provided an overview of the different ways state Medicaid agencies are using policy levers to support new collaborations. Elena Byhoff from Tufts Medical Center reported on her work with Lauren Taylor on research about perspectives of CBOs in Massachusetts, and Hugh Alderwick from the Health Foundation reviewed research from California and Oregon on how those states are using Medicaid 1115 waivers to overcome obstacles to developing partnerships. Research and webinar sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of California and Massachusetts.