Closing gaps in health and social services for low-income pregnant women

Systems for Action

American cities face stubbornly large racial disparities in infant mortality, perterm and low birthweight births along with unacceptable rates of maternal mortality. The Los Angeles Maternity Assessment Management Access and Service (MAMA) program is an innovative, multi-sector initiative that seeks to address the constellation of social factors that contribute to adverse maternal and infant outcomes, including housing instability, food insecurity, untreated mental health conditions, domestic violence, and substance abuse. A research team led by Los Angeles County will test the effectiveness of the program’s four major components: (1) a health home care management model, (2) peer and community support, (3) flexible funding for non-medical services, and (4) an advanced health information technology platform. The team will partner with the University of Southern California Children’s Data Network, Public Health Foundation Enterprises, and the county offices for child protection and probation to conduct the study.

Vidyanti I, Nicholas W. Closing gaps in health and social services for low-income pregnant women. [webinar]. November 20, 2019. Available online.

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