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April 2022 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
Open doors to the Emergency Department

April Research Round-Up


Association of 2 Social Needs Interventions with Child Emergency Department Use and Hospitalizations: A Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial
M.S. Pantell, D. Hessler, H. Wing, et al.
JAMA Pediatrics
This study adds to the relatively sparse literature on the health care utilization impacts of social risk navigation, finding that navigation reduced 90-day (but not 12-month) pediatric hospitalization risk, and had no impact on ED use.

Social Needs Interventions to Improve Health Outcomes: Scoping Review and Evidence Map Update
N. Sathe, S. Kennedy, &
M. Viswanathan
This report updates the summer 2021 systematic review that populates data in the PCORI Social Needs Interventions Evidence Map (a great tool that you should check out if you haven’t yet).

Social Risk Factors and Desire for Assistance Among Patients Receiving Subsidized Health Care Insurance in a US-Based Integrated Delivery System
L. Tuzzio, R.D. Wellman, E.H. De Marchis, et al.

Annals of Family Medicine
This study adds to the growing literature showing that patient interest in receiving social needs assistance from health care teams can be relatively low, and that it varies by patient race/ethnicity.

Of course, that wasn’t all that was published in the last month. Scroll to see other new medical and social service integration publications.


Risk Factors for Veteran Food Insecurity: Findings from a National US Department of Veterans Affairs Food Insecurity Screener
A.J. Cohen, D.M. Dosa, J.L. Rudolph, C.W. Halladay, M. Heisler, & K.S. Thomas

Public Health Nutrition

Predicting Health-Related Social Needs in Medicaid and Medicare Populations Using Machine Learning
J. Holcomb, L.C. Oliveira, L. Highfield, K.O. Hwang, L. Giancardo, & E.V. Bernstam
Scientific Reports

Health-Related Social Needs Among Older Adults Enrolled In Medicare Advantage
C.L. Long, S.M. Franklin, A.S. Hagan, et al.
Health Affairs

A Hospital-Based Program to Screen for and Address Health-Related Social Needs for Patients Admitted with COVID-19
S. Patel, C. Moriates, V. Valencia, et al.
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Content Analysis of Transportation Screening Questions in Social Risk Assessment Tools: Are We Capturing Transportation Insecurity?
N. Razon & L. Gottlieb
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Referrals/Care Coordination

"More Than Just Giving Them a Piece of Paper": Interviews with Primary Care on Social Needs Referrals to Community-Based Organizations
L.B. Beidler, N. Razon, H. Lang, & T.K. Fraze

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Impact of COVID-19 on Social Prescribing Across an Integrated Care System: A Researcher in Residence Study
D. Westlake, J. Elston, A. Gude, F. Gradinger, K. Husk, & S. Asthana

Health & Social Care in the Community

Adapting an In-Clinic Resource Navigator Program to a Virtual Referral Model
K.J. Hansmann, J. Alberth, R. Freidel, & A. Jenness
Annals of Family Medicine

Improving Patient Well-Being in the United States Through Care Coordination Interventions Informed by Social Determinants of Health
C. Singer & C. Porta
Health & Social Care in the Community

Food Interventions

The Food Box Pilot
B. Engebretsen, A. Kane, & H. Laroche

Annals of Family Medicine

Connecting Group Care Patients to Mental Health and Food Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemic
C. Wolcott, L. Wanger, & L. Penny

Annals of Family Medicine

Housing Interventions

Stakeholder Perspectives on Sustainment of Housing First in a VA Permanent Supportive Housing Program.
E.H. Fletcher, S. Gabrielian, A.W.P. Flynn, et al.
Health Services Research

Medicaid Innovation

Promoting Child Health Equity Through Medicaid Innovation
A. Peltz, C.A. Wong, & A. Garg
Pediatric Annals

California Efforts to Address Behavioral Health and SDOH: A Look at Whole Person Care Pilots
M. Tong & E. Hinton
Kaiser Family Foundation

Policy Issues

Adjusting for Social Risk Factors in Pediatric Quality Measures: Adding to the Evidence Base
E.M. Bucholz, S.L. Toomey, C.E. McCulloch, & N. Bardach
Academic Pediatrics

Now is the Time for Measuring Social Drivers of Health in Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program
D.I. Chang & R. Nuzum
Commonwealth Fund

Financing Approaches to Social Prescribing Programs in England and the United States
S. Sandhu, H. Alderwick, & L.M. Gottlieb
Milbank Quarterly

How Medicare Advantage Plans Use Data for Supplemental Benefits Decision-Making
L.S. Shields-Zeeman, E.A. Gadbois, M. Tong, J.F. Brazier, L.M. Gottlieb, & K.S. Thomas

American Journal of Managed Care