August 2018 Research Round-Up

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Below we highlight recent literature on screening for and/or addressing social needs in clinical settings. To receive the Research Round-Up in your email, sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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Integrating Psychosocial Risk Factors into Ongoing Care: How to Identify Patient Needs and Tailor Care Planning to Optimize Outcomes
Advisory Board

Screening for Social Determinants of Health in Clinical Care: Moving from the Margins to the Mainstream
A. Andermann
Public Health Review

Evaluation of a Tool to Measure Pharmacists' Readiness to Manage Intimate Partner Violence
M. Barnard, D. West-Strum, Y. Yang, & E. Holmes

Development of the Pediatric Social Risk Instrument Using a Structured Panel Approach
J. Cohen-Silver, S. Adams, R. Agrawal, et al.
Clinical Pediatrics

Take-up and Targeting: Experimental Evidence from SNAP
A. Finkelstein & M.T. Notowidigdo
National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper

Community Health Workers as an Extension of Care Coordination in Primary Care: A Community-Based Cosupervisory Model
J.M. Gunderson, M.L. Wieland, O. Quirindongo-Cedeno, et al.
Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

A Framework for Advancing Health Equity and Value: Policy Options for Reducing Health Inequities by Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Payment Systems
S. Hernández-Cancio, E. Albritton, E. Fishman, S. Tripoli, & A. Callow
Health Equity Task Force for Delivery and Payment & Families USA

Health and Financial Well-being: Two Good Things that Go Better Together: The Case for Credit Union and Health Care Collaboration
C.G. Hyland & C.J. Revere
National Credit Union Foundation

Desirability of Clinic-Based Financial Services in Urban Pediatric Primary Care
D. Jaganath, K. Johnson, M.M. Tschudy, K. Topel, B. Stackhouse, & B.S. Solomon
Journal of Pediatrics

The Healthy Neighborhood, Healthy Families Initiative
K. Kelleher, J. Reece, & M. Sandel

Transforming a Family Medicine Residency into a Community-Oriented Learning Environment
J. Lochner, R. Lankton, K. Rindfleish, B. Arndt, & J. Edgoose
Family Medicine

Documentation of Social Determinants in Electronic Health Records With and Without Standardized Terminologies: A Comparative Study
K.A. Monsen, J.M. Rudenick, N. Kapinos, K. Warmbold, S.K. McMahon, & E.N. Schorr
Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare

Opportunistic Domestic Violence Screening for Pregnant and Post-Partum Women by Community Based Health Care Providers
R. O'Reilly & K. Peters
BMC Women’s Health

Medical-Legal Partnership in Western North Carolina: Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through Team-Based Care
A.S. Salter, G.T. Anderson, J. Gettinger, & S. Stigleman
North Carolina Medical Journal

Comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Support from Food Banks: A Randomized Controlled Trial
H.K. Seligman, M. Smith, S. Rosenmoss, M.B. Marshall, & E. Waxman
American Journal of Public Health

Screening for Child Abuse by Using a Checklist and Physical Examinations in the Emergency Department led to the Detection of More Cases
A.H. Teeuw, R.B.J. Kraan, R.R. van Rijn, P.M.M. Bossuyt, & H.S.A. Heymans
Acta Paediatrica

Disparities in Utilization of Social Determinants of Health Referrals Among Children in Immigrant Families
O.T. Uwemedimo & H. May
Frontiers in Pediatrics

Feasibility of Systematic Poverty Screening in a Pediatric Oncology Referral Center
D.J. Zheng, D. Shyr, C. Ma, A.C. Muriel, J. Wolfe, & K. Bona
Pediatric Blood & Cancer

Loneliness in Chinese Older Adults in Primary Care: Prevalence and Correlates
B.L. Zhong, X.J. Liu, W.C. Chen, H.F. Chiu, & Y. Conwell