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December 2022/January 2023 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Journal Articles


Social Needs Screening in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Lopez MA, Yu X, Hetrick R, et al.
Hospital Pediatrics
(See accompanying commentary here)

Patient Satisfaction with Medical and Social Concerns Addressed During Telemedicine Visits
Abraham HN, Acuff C, Brauer B, et al.

Screening and Referral for Social Determinants of Health: Maternity Patient and Health Care Team Perspectives
Tully KP, Gibson AN, Pearsall MS, Umstead K, Gill C, Stuebe AM
Health Equity

This is one of the first studies we’ve seen that mentions the need for social risk screening to employ anti-racist approaches.

Barriers and Facilitators of Obtaining Social Determinants of Health of Patients With Cancer Through the Electronic Health Record Using Natural Language Processing Technology: Qualitative Feasibility Study With Stakeholder Interviews
Alpert J, Kim HJ, McDonnell C, et al
JMIR Formative Research

Collection and Use of Social Determinants of Health Data in Inpatient General Internal Medicine Wards: A Scoping Review
Davis VH, Rodger L, Pinto AD
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Characterizing the Relative Frequency of Clinician Engagement with Structured Social Determinants of Health Data
Iott BE, Adler-Milstein J, Gottlieb LM, Pantell MS
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association


Racial equity

Racial Health Equity and Social Needs Interventions: A Review of a Scoping Review 
Cené CW, Viswanathan M, Fichtenberg C et al.
JAMA Network Open

Multi-need interventions

A Pharmacy Liaison–Patient Navigation Intervention to Reduce Inpatient and Emergency Department Utilization Among Primary Care Patients in a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization: A Nonrandomized Controlled Trial
Buitron de la Vega P, Ashe EM, Xuan Z, et al.
JAMA Network Open

Conceptualizing the Effective Mechanisms of a Social Needs Case Management Program Shown to Reduce Hospital Use: A Qualitative Study
Fleming MD, Safaeinili N, Knox M, et al.
BMC Health Services Research

The Interagency Care Team: A New Model to Integrate Social and Medical Care for Older Adults In Primary Care
Kanne GE, McConnell ES, Disco ME, et al.
Geriatric Nursing

Family Connects: A Novel Social Needs Program Within a Pediatric Emergency Department
VonHoltz LA, Murray AL, Cullen DL
Academic Pediatrics

Food Interventions

A Collaborative Pilot to Support Patients With Diabetes Through Tailored Food Box Home Delivery
Kempainen S, Cutts DB, Robinson-O'Brien R, et al.
Health Promotion Practice

Perspectives of Health Care Staff on Predictors of Success in a Food Prescription Program: A Qualitative Study
McWhorter JW, Aiyer JN, Ranjit N, et al.
Preventing Chronic Disease 

Transportation Interventions

Access to Rideshare and Satisfaction, Prenatal Healthcare Utilisation, and Preterm Delivery Among Pregnant Medicaid Recipients: A Randomised Controlled Trial
Lynch CD, Conroy S, Jackson KA, Smith RM, Hade EM
Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology

A Survey of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network on Approaches Toward Addressing Patients' Transportation Insecurity
Chaiyachati KH, Krause D, Sugalski J, Graboyes EM, Shulman LN
Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Risk Adjustment

Risk Adjustment and Promoting Health Equity in Population-Based Payment: Concepts and Evidence
McWilliams JM, Weinreb G, Ding L, Ndumele CD, Wallace J
Health Affairs

Clinical Team Resource

Care of People Experiencing Homelessness
Lanham JS, White P, Gaffney B
American Family Physician

Reports & Issue Briefs

Moving Upstream: How Medicaid in Texas Could Use In Lieu of Services to Address Non-Medical Drivers of Health
Sim S, Smithey A, Crumley D
Episcopal Health Foundation, Center for Health Care Strategies

Commentaries & Blogs

Hospitals and Health Equity - Translating Measurement into Action
Sandhu S, Liu M, Wadhera RK
New England Journal of Medicine

Developing a Research Agenda for Social Prescribing in the UK Using Lessons From the US 
Sandhu S, Wildman JM, Alderwick H, Wildman J, Gottlieb LM
British Journal of General Practice

Housing Investment Strategies by Healthcare Payers and Systems: Paving the Road Ahead
Velasquez DE, Sandel M
Journal of General Internal Medicine

CMS’ New Policy Framework for Section 1115 Medicaid Demonstrations
Mann C, Lipson M.
Commonwealth Fund Blog

Working with ACOs to Address Social Determinants of Health
Mechanic R, Fitch A.
Health Affairs Forefront

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