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December 2023 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Below is a list of recently published research related to integrating social and medical care. See more articles like these in the searchable SIREN Evidence Library. As always, if you are aware of resources you think should be added to the Evidence Library, please send them our way!


Accuracy of a Single Financial Security Question to Screen for Social Needs Hanmer J, Ray KN, Schweiberger K, Berkowitz SA, Palakshappa D | Pediatrics

Key result: "Using the financial stress question as the first-step of a screening process would miss 9.7% of the families who reported food insecurity, 22.6% who reported housing instability, and 33.0% who reported transportation needs."

Assessing Social Needs and Engaging Community Health Workers in Underserved Kansas Counties: Insights From Primary Care Providers and Clinic Managers Bridges KM, LeMaster JW, Parente DJ, et al. | Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Patient and Care Team Perspectives on Social Determinants of Health Screening in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study Rudisill AC, Eicken MGA, Gupta D, et al. | JAMA Network Open

Social and Health Information Platform: Piloting a Standards-Based, Digital Platform Linking Social Determinants of Health Data into Clinical Workflows for Community-Wide Use Khurshid A, Hautala M, Oliveira E, et al. | Applied Clinical Informatics


Innovations in Social Health Delivery to Advance Equitable Pediatric and Adolescent Life Course Health Development: A Review and Roadmap Forward Liu PY, Spiker S, Holguin M, Schickedanz A  | Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care

Implementation and Impacts of California Senate Bill 1152 on Homeless Discharge Protocols Aridomi H, Cartier Y, Taira B, Kim H, Yadav K, Gottlieb L | Western Journal of Emergency Medicine

Referrals to Community and State Agencies to Address Social Determinants of Health for Improving Mental Health, Functioning, and Quality of Care Outcomes for Diverse Adults: North Carolina and Massachusetts, September 2019-January 2023 Alegría M, Cruz-Gonzalez M, Markle SL, et al. | American Journal of Public Health

Evaluating the Impact of a Mobile Integrated Health‒Community Paramedicine Program on Health-Related Social Needs and Hospital Readmissions Miller G, Liang Y, Stryckman B | Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 

Adoption and Implementation of Produce Prescription Programs for Under-Resourced Populations: Clinic Staff Perspectives Folta SC, Li Z, Cash SB, Hager K, Zhang FF | Frontiers in Nutrition

Integration of Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Woman, Infants, and Children (WIC) in Primary Care Settings Goldstein B, Steiner A, Vander Wielen L, Bennett K, Tomcho M | Journal of Community Health

"Everyone's Struggling Right Now": Impact of COVID-19 on Addressing Food Insecurity in Rural Primary Care Suresh A, Jordanova KE, Boardman MB, et al. | Family Practice 

Hospital Characteristics Associated With Social Needs Activities in the US Sandhu S, Liu M, Gottlieb LM, Pantell MS | JAMA 

Reports & Policy Briefs

CalAIM Experiences: Implementer Views After 18 Months of Reforms | California Health Care Foundation

Expanding the Menu: Opportunities for Medicaid to Better Address Food Insecurity Bank A, Crumley D, Quintana V | Center for Health Care Strategies 

Commentaries & Blogs

New CMS Bulletin: Coverage of Services and Supports to Address Non-Medical Drivers of Health | Treaty Oak Strategies

Sustainably Implementing Social Determinants of Health Interventions in the Pediatric Emergency Department Assaf RR, Dolce M, Garg A | JAMA Pediatrics

Mandates and Incentives to Support Social Needs Screening-Challenges and Opportunities Bouchelle Z, Vasan A, Cholera R | JAMA Pediatrics

Prescription for Cash? Cash Support to Low-Income Families in Maternal and Pediatric Health Care Settings McConnell M, Agarwal S, Hanson E, McCrady E, Parker MG, Bona K | Milbank Quarterly

Mitigating the Burden of Medication Costs Sandhu S, Patel NR, Horn DM | JAMA Internal Medicine

Advancing Health Equity Through Social Care Interventions Peek ME, Gottlieb LM, Doubeni CA, et al. | Health Services Research