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February 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff

The following represents a selection of publications recently added to the SIREN Evidence & Resource Library. If there is an article you think we should add to our Library, let us know.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Food Insecurity
An Exploration of Key Barriers to Healthcare Providers' Use of Food Prescription (Frx) Interventions in the Rural South
K.B. Coward, A. Cafer, M. Rosenthal, D. Allen, & Q. Paltanwale
Public Health Nutrition

Screening for Food Insecurity in the Primary Care Setting: Type of Visit Matters
M.R. McLeod, A. Vasudevan, S. Warnick Jr, & J.A. Wolfson
Journal of General Internal Medicine

The Silence of Food Insecurity: Disconnections Between Primary Care and Community Organizations
N.K. Runkle & D.A. Nelson
Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews

Changes in Medicaid Utilization and Spending Associated with Homeless Adults' Entry into Permanent Supportive Housing
M.A.G Hollander, E.S. Cole, J.M. Donohue, & E.T. Roberts
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Legal Needs
Conceptualizing Interprofessional Working - When a Lawyer Joins the Healthcare Mix
N.M. Ries
Journal of Interprofessional Care

Social Isolation 
Patient Experiences with Screening and Assistance for Social Isolation in Primary Care Settings
E.L. Tung, E.H. De Marchis, L.M. Gottlieb, S.T. Lindau, & M.S. Pantell
Journal of General Internal Medicine

Multi-need Interventions
Pediatric Primary Care-Based Social Needs Services and Health Care Utilization
K. Conroy, M. Samnaliev, S. Cheek, & A.T. Chien
Academic Pediatrics

Pharmacist Involvement in Addressing Public Health Priorities and Community Needs: The Allegheny County Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Project
J.P. Elliott, S.N. Christian, K. Doong, H.E. Hardy, D.D. Mendez, & T.L. Gary-Webb
Preventing Chronic Disease

Community Resource Navigator Model: Utilizing Student Volunteers to Integrate Health and Social Care in a Community Health Center Setting
S. Sandhu , J. Xu , L. Blanchard , et al.
International Journal of Integrated Care

Social Risk Adjustment
Complex Patients Have More Emergency Visits: Don't Punish the Systems That Serve Them
E.O. Mick, M.J. Alcusky, N.C. Li, et al.
Medical Care

Documentation and Informatics
Examining the Interfacility Variation of Social Determinants of Health in the Veterans Health Administration
C.M. Wray, M. Vali, L.C. Walter, et al.
Federal Practitioner


Accountable Health Communities (AHC) Model Evaluation: First Evaluation Report
RTI International

How are Payment Reforms Addressing Social Determinants of Health? Policy Implications and Next Steps
H.L. Crook, J. Zheng, W.K. Bleser, R.G. Whitaker, J. Masand, & R.S. Saunders
Milbank Memorial Fund and Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy

Screening for Social Needs in Pediatrics: How Can We Ensure it is Family-Centered and Effective?
L. Wilson-Hall, K. McPeak, B. Constant, et al.
PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Commentaries & Blogs

Addressing Social Needs Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Survey of Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans
N. Archibald

Role of Hospitals in Addressing Social Determinants of Health: A Groundwater Approach
G. Dave, M.K. Wolfe, G. Corbie-Smith
Preventive Medicine Reports

Social Isolation and Loneliness: Imperatives for Health Care in a Post-COVID World
E. Escalante, R.L. Golden, & D.J. Mason


Screen and Intervene: A Toolkit for Pediatricians to Address Food Insecurity
A. Ashbrook, K. Essel, K. Montez, & D. Bennett-Tejes
Academy of Pediatrics and the Food Research and Action Center

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