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June 2024 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Below we share multiple SIREN-relevant articles published since the last newsletter. For a full list, see the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library. As always, if you are aware of resources that you think should be added to the library, please send them our way.

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Family Medicine Clinician Screening and Barriers to Communication on Food Insecurity: A CERA General Membership Survey Bunt SK, Traxler M, Zimmerman B, et al. | Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Federally Qualified Health Centers' Screening for Social Risk Factors and Health Outcomes Davlyatov G, Choi S, Borkowski NM, Hearld KR, Aswani M | Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Documentation of Social Determinants of Health Across Individuals from Different Racial and Ethnic Groups in Home Healthcare Hobensack M, Scharp D, Song J, Topaz M | Journal of Nursing Scholarship

Financial Hardship Among Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Enrollees with and Without Food Insecurity Park S, Berkowitz SA | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Spanish-Speaking Caregiver Preferences for Social Determinants of Health Screening Swamy P, Monterrey AC, Duran C, et al. | Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 

Evaluating Adherence to American Diabetes Association Standards of Care in Diabetes and Impacts of Social Determinants of Health on Patients at Two Nurse Practitioner-Owned Clinics Tuohy CA, Liziewski KE, White PA, Wright WL | Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Implementing Inpatient Social Needs Screening in an Urban Tertiary Care Children's Hospital Islam F, Fiori KP, Rinke ML, et al. | Hospital Pediatrics

Predicting Self-Reported Social Risk in Medically Complex Adults Using Electronic Health Data Grant RW, McCloskey JK, Uratsu CS, et al. | Medical Care

Screening for Food and Nutrition Insecurity in the Healthcare Setting: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Non-Medicaid Insured Adults in an Integrated Healthcare Delivery System Byker Shanks C, Gordon NP | Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Social Needs Screening and Intervention in Pediatric Primary Care: Impact on Families' Experience of Care Ronis SD, Masotya M, Birkby G, Stange KC | Journal of Primary Care & Community Health


Using Community Engagement to Move Upstream to Address Social Determinants of Health Jones R, Bilello L, Knight AM, Livingood WC, Whitner C, Webb F | Academic Medicine

A Qualitative Study of a Health Center-Based Mobile Produce Market Rudel RK, Byhoff E, Fielman SB, Strombotne KL, Drainoni ML, Greece JA | Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Addressing Food Insecurity in the Inpatient Setting: Results of a Postdischarge Pilot Study Smith M, Tepe KA, Sauers-Ford H, et al | Journal of Hospital Medicine

New Supplemental Benefits and Plan Ratings Among Medicare Advantage Enrollees Tucher EL, Meyers DJ, Trivedi AN, Gottlieb LM, Thomas KS | JAMA Network Open

Adopting a Nurse-Led Model of Care to Advance Whole-Person Health and Health Equity Within Medicaid Johnson C, Ingraham MK, Stafford SR, Guilamo-Ramos V | Nursing Outlook

Community Hospital Interventions Addressing the Medical and Social Needs of Patients: Patient Perspectives from the CHART Investment Program Louis CJ, Koppelman EA, Bachman SS | Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Patient Navigation for Health-Related Social Needs: Reflections from the Accountable Health Communities Model Payne J, DePriest K, Clayton ML, Berzin OKG, Renaud JM | Family & Community Health

Primary Care and Community Partnerships to Promote Age-Friendly Care for Hispanic Older Adults Ross SE, Severance JJ, Murphy SC, et al. | Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Reports & Policy Briefs

Food is Medicine Research Action Plan Hager K, Lewin-Zwerdling A, Furstenberg-Beckman L, Griffith J, McDougall T, Schwartz P | ASPEN Institute

SIREN Note: This report has great summaries of the evidence on Food is Medicine interventions starting on page 61.

Commentaries & Blogs

Thinking Through Food is Medicine Interventions Berkowitz, S | Journal of General Internal Medicine

The Social Determinants of Health Industry: Two Years On Goldberg ZN, Shah YB, Harness ED, Nash DB | International Journal of Social Determinants of Health and Health Services

Clinical Care Adjustments Based on Socioeconomic Adversity Tyris J, Gottlieb L | JAMA Pediatrics

What Else We're Reading

Creating Culturally Adapted Multilingual Materials for Research Coffin A, Elder B, Luercio M, et al. | Pediatrics

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