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November 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff

In this month’s Research Round-Up, we’ve highlighted pieces our team found of particular interest. As always, all the articles in the round-up (and more!) can be found in the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library.

Peer-reviewed articles


 Distinguishing Neighborhood and Individual Social Risk Factors in Health Care
M.K. Beckett, S.C. Martino, D. Agniel, et al.
Health Services Research
SIREN Note: Findings are consistent with earlier research that highlighted differences between patient-reported and neighborhood-level social risks. 

 A Systematic Review of Loneliness and Social Isolation Scales Used in Epidemics and Pandemics
A. Das, K.P. Padala, C.G. Crawford, et al. | Psychiatry Research

Opportunity to Inform Social Needs Within a Hospital Setting Using Data-Driven Patient Engagement
S. Hahn-Goldberg, P. Pariser, C. Schwenk, & A. Boozary | BMJ Open Quality

Social Determinants of Health and After-Hours Electronic Health Record Documentation: A National Survey of US Physicians
Y.R. Hong, K. Turner, O.T. Nguyen, A. Alishahi Tabriz, & L. Rever | Population Health Management 

Health Care Professionals' Perspectives on Universal Screening of Social Determinants of Health: A Mixed-Methods Study
S. Kostelanetz, M. Pettapiece-Phillips, J. Weems, et al | Population Health Management 

Routinely Asking Patients About Income in Primary Care: A Mixed-Methods Study
A.D. Pinto, E. Shenfeld, T. Aratangy, et al. | BJGP Open 


Cross-Sector Approach Expands Screening and Addresses Health-Related Social Needs in Primary Care
M.C. Arbour, B. Floyd, S. Morton, et al. | Pediatrics

Implementing Social Interventions in Primary Care
G. Bloch & L. Rozmovits | Canadian Medical Association Journal

 For Profit, but Socially Determined: The Rise of the SDOH Industry
Z.N. Goldberg & D.B. Nash | Population Health Management
SIREN Note: This paper explores the rapidly growing community resources referral platform industry, including its size and scope, as well as implications for community-based organizations providing social services. 

Resource Brokering: Efforts to Assist Patients with Housing, Transportation, and Economic Needs in Primary Care Settings
T.K. Fraze, L.B. Beidler, C. Fichtenberg, A.L. Brewster, & L.M. Gottlie | Annals of Family Medicine 

Helpline Calls Associated with Preventable Emergency Department Utilization
R. Garg, J.T. Steensma, A.A. Luke, et al. | American Journal of Preventive Medicine 

Integrating Health Care Strategies to Prevent Poverty-Related Disparities in Development and Growth: Addressing Core Outcomes of Early Childhood
R.S. Gross, M.J. Messito, P. Klass, et al. | Academic Pediatrics

Anti-Poverty Medicine Through Medical-Financial Partnerships: A New Approach to Child Poverty
L.E. Marcil, M.K. Hole, J. Jackson, et al. | Academic Pediatrics

 Intersecting Systemic and Personal Barriers to Accessing Social Services: Qualitative Interviews in Northern California
H. Placzek, S. Cruz, M. Chapdelaine, M. Carl, S. Levin, & C. Hsu | BMC Public Health
SIREN Note: This paper describes patient barriers to accessing social 
services following participation in Health Leads’ health care-based social services navigation program.

 Health Care Worker Burnout and Perceived Capacity to Address Social Needs
A. Telzak, E.C. Chambers, D. Gutnick, et al. | Population Health Management
SIREN Note: This paper is based on a large sample of surveyed providers and contributes to the literature on provider perceptions of social risk screening and referral programs. The work builds on the literature synthesized in a recent SIREN issue brief on this topic. 

Alignment & Advocacy

Pediatricians Contributing to Poverty Reduction Through Clinical-Community Partnership and Collective Action: A Narrative Review
A.F. Beck, L.E. Marcil, M.D. Klein, et al. | Academic Pediatrics 

Reports & Issue Briefs

Advancing California’s Community Health Worker & Promotor Workforce in Medi-Cal 
L. Kelly, A. Benyo, L. Buck, K. Moses, A. Nuamah, & E. Opthof | Center for Health Care Strategies

Going to the Doctor: Rideshare as Nonemergency Medical Transportation
L. Fraade-Blanar, T. Koo, & C.M. Whaley | RAND Corporation

Loneliness and Social Isolation Issue Brief

Commentaries & Blogs

Clinical Approaches to Reducing Material Hardship Due to Poverty: Social Risks/Needs Identification and Interventions
A. Garg, A. Brochier, E. Messmer, & K.P Fiori | Academic Pediatrics

 Measuring What Matters: Social Drivers of Health
R. Nuzum, C. Lewis, & D.I. Chang | Commonwealth Fund Blog
SIREN Note: This blog highlights that social risk screening measures have been added to CMS’ “measures under consideration” for inclusion in quality reporting for Medicare programs.  

Medical Legal Partnerships’ Role in Improving Health Among People Released from Incarceration
D.L. Rosen & E. Ashkin | Health Affairs Blog

Other things the SIREN team is reading this month

Permanent Supportive Housing with Housing First: Findings From a Community Guide Systematic Economic Review
V. Jacob, S.K. Chattopadhyay, S. Attipoe-Dorcoo, et al | American Journal of Preventive Medicine
SIREN Note: This new systematic review examines the benefits-to-cost ratios of Housing First permanent supportive housing interventions. 

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