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November 2022 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Journal Articles

Awareness/Screening & Documentation

Do Patients Want Clinicians to Ask About Social Needs and Include This Information in Their Medical Record?
Albert SM, McCracken P, Bui T, et al. 
BMC Health Services Research 

Assessing Alignment of Patient and Clinician Perspectives on Community Health Resources for Chronic Disease Management
Potharaju KA, Fields JD, Cemballi AG, et al.


An Assessment of a Socioeconomic Risk Screening Tool for Telemedicine Encounters in Pediatric Primary Care: A Pilot Study
Ireson E, Burkhardt MC, DeBlasio D, et al.

Clinical Pediatrics

National Prevalence of Social Determinants of Health Screening Among US Neonatal Care Units
Cordova-Ramos EG, Kerr S, Heeren T, Drainoni ML, Garg A, Parker MG

Hospital Pediatrics

Z-Code Documentation to Identify Social Determinants of Health Among Medicaid Beneficiaries in Texas
Heidari E, Zalmai R, Richards K, Sakthisivabalan L, Brown C

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 

Multiple Electronic Health Record-Based Measures of Social Determinants of Health to Predict Return to the Emergency Department Following Discharge
Hall AG, Davlyatov GK, Orewa GN, Mehta TS, Feldman SS
Population Health Management  


Social Prescribing 

Effect of Social Prescribing Link Workers on Health Outcomes and Costs for Adults in Primary Care and Community Settings: A Systematic Review
Kiely B, Croke A, O'Shea M, Boland F, O'Shea E, Connolly D, Smith SM

BMJ Open


Hospital-based Preventative Interventions for People Experiencing Homelessness in High-Income Countries: A Systematic Review
Luchenski SA, Dawes J, Aldridge RW, et al.


Association of Promoting Housing Affordability and Stability With Improved Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review
Chen KL, Miake-Lye IM, Begashaw MM, et al. 
JAMA Network Open 

Other Social Care Interventions 

Effect of Electronic Health Record Clinical Decision Support on Contextualization of Care: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Weiner SJ, Schwartz A, Weaver F, et al.
JAMA Network Open 

Addressing Childcare as a Barrier to Healthcare Access Through Community Partnerships in a Large Public Health System
Alvarez KS, Bhavan K, Mathew S, et al.
BMJ Open Quality 

Association of National Expansion of Insurance Coverage of Medically Tailored Meals With Estimated Hospitalizations and Health Care Expenditures in the US 
Hager K, Cudhea FP, Wong et al.
JAMA Network Open

Addressing Food Insecurity: Lessons Learned from Co-Locating a Food Pantry with a Federally Qualified Health Center
Reinoso D, Haut D, Claffey S, et al. 
International Journal of Integrated Care

Predictors of Interest in Offered Social Care Assistance Among People with Uncontrolled Diabetes 
Patel MR, Smith A, Torby M, Isaacson N, Cohen AJ
Population Health Management   

Calling Your Aunt Bertha for Social Assets: Family Medicine and Social Determinants of Health
DeVetter N, Westfall JM, Carrozza M, Westfall E
Journal of Primary Care & Community Health 

What Are the Roles of Community Health Workers in Medicaid Managed Care? Results from a National Study
Wennerstrom A, Haywood CG, Smith DO, Jindal D, Rush C, Wilkinson GW
Population Health Management  

Commentaries & Blogs 

Health Care as a Partner in Federal Nutrition Programs: Call for Advocacy
Plencner LM, Krager M, Cullen D

Addressing Social Determinants of Mental Health in Pediatrics During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Spencer AE, Sikov J, Adams WG, Jellinek M, Murphy JM, Garg A
Academic Pediatrics 

Designing Accountable Care: Lessons from CMS Accountable Care Organizations
Horstman C, Lewis C, Abrams MK
Commonwealth Fund Blog 

Financial Coaching Offers New Paths to a Healthy Future 
Marill MC
Health Affairs