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October 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff

In this month’s Research Round-up, we’ve highlighted pieces our team found of particular interest. As always, all the articles in the round-up (and more!) can be found in the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library.

Peer-reviewed articles

Development of a Homelessness Risk Screening Tool for Emergency Department Patients
K.M. Doran, E. Johns, S. Zuiderveen, et al. | Health Services Research

Screening for Health-Related Social Needs in the Emergency Department: Adaptability and Fidelity During the COVID-19 Pandemic
E. Murray, G.E. Roosevelt, & J.A. Vogel | American Journal of Emergency Medicine
SIREN Team Note: Authors report no change in proportion of completed ED-based HRSN screening pre/post pandemic though the pandemic spurred the ED staff to shift strategies by calling into patient rooms to conduct screening.

Documentation and Review of Social Determinants of Health Data in the EHR: Measures and Associated Insights
M. Wang, M.S. Pantell, L.M. Gottlieb, & J. Adler-Milstein | Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association

Implementation of Social Needs Screening in Primary Care: A Qualitative Study Using the Health Equity Implementation Framework
C. Drake, H. Batchelder, T. Lian, M. Cannady, et al. | BMC Health Services Research

Scaling-Up Social Needs Screening in Practice: A Retrospective, Cross-Sectional Analysis of Data From Electronic Health Records From Bronx County, New York, USA
K.P Fiori, C.G. Heller, A. Flattau, et al. | BMJ Open

Implementation of Targeted Screening for Poverty in a Large Primary Care Team in Toronto, Canada: A Feasibility Study
K. Wintemute, M. Noor, A. Bhatt, et al. | BMC Family Practice

Clinical Stakeholder Perspectives on Pediatric Inpatient Screening for Social Needs
J.C. Leary, L. Rijhwani, N.M. Bettez, et al. | Academic Pediatrics
SIREN Team Note: This new article adds to the literature on provider perspectives about social care initiatives recently summarized in this SIREN Issue Brief.

Pediatric Primary Care and Subspecialist Providers' Comfort, Attitudes and Practices Screening and Referring for Social Determinants of Health
Y. Lax, E. Bathory, & S. Braganza | BMC Health Services Research  


REVIEW: Primary Care-Based Interventions to Address the Financial Needs of Patients Experiencing Poverty: A Scoping Review of the Literature
J. Parry, M. Vanstone, M. Grignon, & J.R. Dunn | International Journal for Equity in Health
SIREN Team Note: Who doesn’t love a good review? This one is additionally interesting because it includes international literature on poverty-related interventions undertaken in health care settings. 

Integrating Social Determinants of Health Screening and Referral During Routine Emergency Department Care: Evaluation of Reach and Implementation Challenges
A.S. Wallace, B.L. Luther, S.M. Sisler, B. Wong, & J.W. Guo | Implementation Science Communications

Patient Interest in Receiving Assistance with Self-Reported Social Risks
I. Gruß, A. Varga, N. Brooks, R. Gold, & M.P. Banegas | Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine
SIREN Team Note:  This article advances the work on understanding patient interest in receiving social needs-related assistance. AND STAY TUNED! With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, SIREN will sponsor an AJPM special issue on this topic in 2022 that shares work from SIREN grantees.

Community Resource Connection for Pediatric Caregivers with Unmet Social Needs: A Qualitative Study
A. Vasan, O Darko, K. Fortin, P.V. Scribano, & C.C. Kenyon | Academic Pediatrics

Landlord Behavior After Receiving Pediatrician-Generated Letters to Address Poor Housing Conditions
Y. Lax, G. Cohen, A. Mandavia, S. Morrin, & J.R. Avner | JAMA Network Open
SIREN Team Note: This paper describes the impacts of an EHR-embedded letter to landlords addressing housing conditions.

A Realist Evaluation Analysis of a Novel Multi-Faceted Inpatient Patient Navigation Program
H. Chisholm, T. Kershaw, L. Sotelo Guerra, K. Bocek, Y. Garcia, & K. Casey Lion | Academic Pediatrics

Issue Briefs

Social Emergency Medicine: Principles and Practice
H.J. Alter, P. Dalawari, K.M. Doran, & M.C. Raven [Eds] | Springer
SIREN Team Note: This textbook is the first we know of dedicated entirely to social emergency medicine.

CBO Perspectives On Community Resource Referral Platforms: Findings from Year 1 of Highlighting and Assessing Referral Platform Participation (HARP)
Y. Cartier, J. Burnett, C. Fichtenberg, et al. | Trenton Health Team & SIREN

Going to the Doctor: Rideshare as Nonemergency Medical Transportation
L. Fraade-Blanar, T. Koo, C.M. Whaley | RAND Corporation

Mapping the Navigation Systems of Pennsylvania: Opportunities for the Future
M. Shumate | Social Impact Network Consulting

Commentaries & Blogs

What is the Outlook for Addressing Social Determinants of Health? JAMA Health Forum
S.M. Butler | JAMA Health Forum

Pediatric Social Risk Screening: Leveraging Research to Ensure Equity
D. Cullen, L. Wilson-Hall, K. McPeak, & J. Fein | Academic Pediatrics
SIREN Note: This perspective piece raises important questions about the potential harms of social care practices and recommends ways to minimize harm as we commit to learning more.

Using Area-Level Measures to Account for Social Risk in Health Care Payment
A.M. Morenz & J.M. Liao | Health Affairs Blog

SIREN NOTE: The team appreciated these two blogs below that gave us lots of “food for thought.”

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