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October 2023 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
pediatrician with patient and caregiver

Below we share multiple SIREN-relevant articles published since the last newsletter, organized using relevant NASEM social care framework 5As categories. For a full list, go to the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library. As always, if you are aware of resources you think should be added to the Library, please send them our way!

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Frequency and Nature of Discussing Social Influences on Health in Urban Safety-net Clinics: A Qualitative Analysis Chebly KO, Shen M, Schoenthaler AM | Patient Education and Counseling

"Wanting the Best for Our Folks"-A Mixed Methods Analysis of Community Health Center Social Risk Screening Initiatives De Marchis EH, Aceves B,  Razon N, Chang Weir R, Jester M, Gottlieb LM | Journal of American Board of Family Medicine

Screening for Financial Hardship: Comparing Patient Survey Responses Using Two Different Screening Tools De Marchis EH, Fleegler EW, Cohen AJ, et al. | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Use of and Barriers to Adopting Standardized Social Risk Screening Tools in Federally Qualified Health Centers During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic Giron NC, Cole MB, Nguyen KH | Health Services Research

Implementing and Enhancing Social and Economic Needs Screening at a Federally Qualified Health Center Johnson L, Liss DT, Carcamo P, et al. | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Development and Validation of an Abbreviated Child and Adult Food Security Scale for Use in Clinical and Research Settings in the United States Poblacion A, Ettinger de Cuba S, Frank DA, et al. | Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics


Clinician Champions' Influence on Social Needs Screening Volumes in Pediatric Practices Berman RS, Nguyen HT, Levano SR, Fiori KP | Clinical Pediatrics

Social and Medical Care Integration Practices Among Children's Hospitals Pantell MS, Holmgren AJ, Leary JC, et al. | Hospital Pediatrics

See accompanying commentary here.

Inpatient Screening of Parental Adversity and Strengths Shah AN, Goodman E, Lawler J, et al. | Hospital Pediatrics


Social Navigation for Adolescent Emergency Department Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial Rucker A, Watson A, Badolato G, Jarvis L, Patel SJ, Goyal MK | The Journal of Adolescent Health

Unconditional Cash Transfers and Maternal Assessments of Children's Health, Nutrition, and Sleep: A Randomized Clinical Trial Sperber JF, Gennetian LA, Hart ER, et al. | JAMA Network Open

Assessment of Financial Screening and Navigation Capabilities at National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Clinics Bell-Brown A, Watabayashi K, Delaney D, et al. | JNCI Cancer Spectrum 

Addressing Housing-Related Social Needs for Medicaid Beneficiaries: A Qualitative Assessment of Maryland's Medicaid §1115 Waiver Program DeGrazia R, Abdullahi A, Mood M, Diehl C, Stockwell I, Pollack CE | BMC Health Services Research

Findings from a Peer-Facilitated, Social Isolation Intervention in the Veterans Health Administration Healthcare System: A Mixed-Methods, Pilot Feasibility Study Eliacin J, Patterson SM, Mendez DM, et al. | Journal of General Internal Medicine

If You Build It, They May Not Come: Understanding Factors Influencing Use of a Community Resource Referral Technology Fichtenberg C, Cartier Y, Burnett J,  Ricks-Stephen C, Paulson G | Health Services Research

Engaging Stakeholder Advisors Around Health-Related Social Needs Research, Policy, and Practice Priorities Moen M, Doede M, Schweitzer A | Population Health Management

Community-based Organizations' Perspectives on Piloting Health and Social Care Integration in North Carolina Nohria R, Yu J, Tu K, et al. | BMC Public Health

Health Centres and Social Determinants of Health: An Analysis of Enabling Services Provision and Clinical Quality Topmiller M, McCann J, Hoang H, et al. | Family Medicine and Community Health

Feasibility of a Food-Based Diabetes Self-Management Education Intervention for Food Insecure Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Convergent Mixed Methods Study Short E, Thompson D, Taren D, et al. | Public Health Nutrition

A Rural Delivery-Based Produce Prescription Intervention Improves Glycemic Control and Stress Stroud B, Jacobs MM, Palakshappa D, Sastre LR | Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior


Moving Upstream: Healthcare Partnerships Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through Community Wealth Building Gusoff GM, Zuckerman D, Pham BH, Ryan GW | BMC Public Health

Commentaries & Blogs

Addressing Structural Inequalities, Structural Racism, and Social Determinants of Health: A Vision for the Future Egede LE, Walker RJ, Williams JS | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Transportation Justice and Health Hansmann KJ, Razon N | Milbank Quarterly

Food Is Medicine: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association  Volpp KG, Berkowitz SA, Sharma SV, et al. | Circulation 

Reports & Policy Briefs

Addressing Social Needs through Medicaid: Lessons from Planning and Early Implementation of North Carolina’s Healthy Opportunities Pilots Huber K, Bleser W, Whitaker R, et al. | Milbank Memorial Fund, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy

Accountable Health Communities Model Awardees Communicate the Value of Addressing Health-Related Social Needs | Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 

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