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Twitter Interview with Director Dr. Laura Gottlieb, MD, MPH

Below is the transcript for the incredibly insightful and informative interview we had with SIREN Director Dr. Laura Gottlieb, MD, MPH. Check it out on Twitter by searching #SIRENAsks.

@SIREN_UCSF: Welcome to SIREN’s 1st #SIRENAsks Interview. Our 1st guest is SIREN Director Laura Gottlieb @lauragotmd

@SIREN_UCSF: Thanks for joining us, @lauragotmd! To kick us off, can you tell us a little bit about your background? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF I originally trained as a family doc and am now working with SIREN team on improving clinical care to address #SDH#SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd What inspired you to get involved in addressing patients’ #SDOH? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Many patients lack basic material resources. We can improve care w/systematic strategies to address needs #SDH#SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: What motivated you to found SIREN? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF We need stronger evidence evaluating clinically integrated programs addressing patients’ social, economic needs #SDH #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd Who did you work with to help get SIREN off the ground? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF We worked with our great Research Advisory Committee & @KPCommBenefit & @NWFishman @RWJF#SIRENAsks …

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd What are some of the key takeaways from the work you’ve been doing? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Light touch interventions on pt resource access can signif decrs social needs/improve health #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd What are some of challenges you & other researchers doing research in this arena face? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Lack of funding!! #ACA’s payment reforms can help support integrated care. Just one more reason not to repeal it! #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd How can others overcome challenges like this? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF We’re working to identify #researchpriorities & fund pilot studies w/@RWJF @KPCommBenefit #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd Why intervene on patients’ social determinants of health as part of health care? Why not leave that to other orgs? #SIRENAsks/
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF We think connecting patients to basic material resources can improve patient #health & reduce health care costs #SIRENAsks #SDH

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd What is SIREN’s role in improving evidence on social & medical care integration? #SIRENAsks #goals
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF aims to catalyze higher quality #research in this field & share it with researchers & other stakeholders #SIRENAsks#goals

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd If there are groups already integrating social & medical care, why is there a need for stronger evidence? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Implementation is outpacing evaluation. New programs should be guided by evidence on what works to address pt #SDH #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd What is the role of health systems in all of this?
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Early & late adopting hlthcare decision-makers need to be informed by data on #SDH impacts on patient health & care #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd Which health systems are implementing these types of programs? What are they doing? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Many early adopters are doing this, including delivery systems & MMCO payers #SIRENAsks Read more here: …

@SIREN_UCSF: .@lauragotmd What do you see as some of the next steps in moving the integration of social & medical care forward? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF Adding #SDH needs screenings to EHRs to facilitate #research & #evidence development #SIRENAsks @NASEM

@SIREN_UCSF: Thanks @lauragotmd for joining us today & for your wonderful insights. Anything else you’d like to say before we end? #SIRENAsks
@lauragotmd: .@SIREN_UCSF We invite everyone following along today to visit & read our issue briefs for more info #SIRENAsks

@SIREN_UCSF: Thanks to everyone that joined us! Check back in for details on our next #SIRENAsks interview w/@KPCommBenefit & @NWFishman