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To Scale or Not to Scale: Social Risk Screening and the US Health Care System


 Dr. Anand Shah, Vice President of Social Health at Kaiser Permanente speaks with Dr. Stacy Lindau, tenured professor at the University of Chicago, founder of NowPow, and president of MAPSCorps. This conversation is the first of several conversations about health care sector efforts to increase Awareness about both patient and community-level social conditions. Dr. Shah and Dr. Lindau share why whole person care matters to them personally and delve into the opportunities and challenges to taking social risk screening to scale. 

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Dr. Lindau’s disclosure statement: Under the terms of Grant Number 1C1CMS330997-01-00 (Lindau, PI) from the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services we were expected to develop a sustainable business model which will continue and support the model that we tested after award funding ends. I am the founder and owner of a social impact company NowPow, LLC and president of MAPSCorps, 501(c)(3). Neither the University of Chicago nor UChicago Medicine is endorsing or promoting NowPow or its business, products, or services. I will not discuss off label use or investigational use in my presentation.