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Loel Solomon, PhD, MPP

Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Solomon is Kaiser Permanente’s Vice President for Community Health. Previously, he served as National Director of Community Health Initiatives and Evaluation at Kaiser Permanente’s Community Benefits Program, a philanthropic venture that sought to improve the health of communities through partnerships, education, sharing clinical expertise, research, grants and services to vulnerable populations. Since he joined the program in 2003, Dr. Solomon has been responsible for a national effort to improve health outcomes in Kaiser Permanente communities by focusing on environmental and policy change. Earlier, Dr. Solomon served as Deputy Director of the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development for Healthcare Quality and Analysis, where he oversaw hospital outcomes and analyses of racial and ethnic health disparities. Dr. Solomon was also a senior manager at Lewin Group, where he helped design community health initiatives sponsored by the United Auto Workers and the automobile industry. Dr. Solomon’s policy experience includes service on US Senator Edward Kennedy’s health staff and former President Bill Clinton’s Task Force on National Healthcare Reform. Dr. Solomon received his PhD in health policy from Harvard University and his master’s in public policy at UC Berkeley.