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Assessing Social Drivers of Health

The Root Cause Coalition

This research examined issues that are of utmost public health concern, including experiences with social drivers, understanding where to go for care, whose responsibility it is to provide that care, desired policy priorities and communications strategies to inform individuals and communities on how to receive care. The report also examines in depth correlations between demographics such as race, gender, education, health care status and income.

Food and housing security are familiar topics that people recognize as impacting their communities. But with perceived well-established programs addressing food insecurity in many of the communities, housing security edged out food security as a top priority for policy makers. Digital equity was lowest on the list as public health concerns, however there was a strong sentiment that access to high-speed internet greatly impacts the overall health and well-being of people in their community. Access to affordable housing, enough food to eat and high-quality health care are the top-rated priorities that respondents flagged for policy makers.

Assessing Social Drivers of Health. The Root Cause Coalition. January 2024. Available online

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