Bridging gaps to build healthy communities: Opportunities to better address social determinants to improve health

Anthem Public Policy Institute and Quid

Social determinants of health (SDOH) have been discussed at length among the research community, with studies demonstrating the linkages between income level and health and others illustrating the linkages between a person’s health and their diet, physical environment, and community. Indeed, SDOH have gained widespread recognition as critical elements of healthcare and health outcomes, with a growing number of providers, health plans, and public payers (e.g., Medicaid, Medicare) incorporating SDOH assessments and interventions into their delivery of healthcare and health benefits.

While much is known about the role of SDOH from an academic perspective, we desired to gain a deeper understanding of how social determinants are perceived by individuals compared to the dominant viewpoints found in academic research and the media. To do so, Anthem partnered with Quid, a software company that analyzes large volumes of text based data, to examine news articles, academic papers, and individuals’ posts and comments from patient forums focused on cancer, diabetes, and mental health conditions.

Bridging Gaps to Build Healthy Communities: Opportunities to Better Address Social Determinants to Improve Health. Anthem Public Policy Institute and Quid; May 2019. Available online.

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