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Differential impacts of social care interventions - Part 1

Wiest D, Zucker R, Huebner Torres C
Presentations from 2022 SIREN National Research Meeting: Racial Health Equity in Social Care

Speakers: Dawn Wiest (Camden Coalition), Rachel Zucker (KPCO - Institute for Health Research), Cristina Huebner Torres (Caring Health Center)

Moderator: Janeth Sanchez (National Cancer Institute (NCI) Office of Cancer Survivorship)

Discussant: Tiajuanna (Tia) Thames Francis (Patient Insight Institute; SIREN)


This is the first of two panel sessions presenting studies that examine heterogeneous treatment effects of social care among different racial or ethnic groups. Moderated by Janeth Sanchez, with reflections by discussant Tia Francis.

1. “Demographic differences in reach of an initiative in the healthcare setting to screen and refer patients for social needs” [PDF] by Rachel Zucker

2. “Community perspectives on social needs navigation outcomes in southern New Jersey” [PDF] by Dawn Wiest

3. “Cross-sectional assessment of racial, ethnic, and language equity in social risk screening and results in community health center patients” [PDF] by Cristina Huebner Torres

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