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Discrimination in health and social care

Pfeiffer E, Mendez S, Kaur A, Glasser N
Presentations from 2022 SIREN National Research Meeting: Racial Health Equity in Social Care



Speakers: Arshdeep Kaur (California University of Science and Medicine), Elizabeth Pfeiffer (Rhode Island College), Sara Mendez (Rhode Island College), Nathaniel Glasser (University of Chicago)

Moderator: Nancy Pandhi (Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of New Mexico)

Discussant: Ann Reynoso (Patient Insight Institute; SIREN)

The presentations in this session explored how patients who receive or could receive social care in healthcare settings experience discrimination in diverse settings, and how such experiences are linked to other aspects of patient experience and wellbeing.

1. "Evaluating Associations between Patient/Caregiver Experiences of Healthcare Discrimination and Trust in Provider"[PDF] by Arshdeep Kaur 

2. “Uncovering intersecting forms of discrimination during a social care program in a community health center in Rhode Island” [PDF] by Elizabeth Pfeiffer and Sara Mendez

3. “Impact of experiences of discrimination on self-efficacy among parents and other primary caregivers of hospitalized children” [PDF] by Nathaniel Glasser

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