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Equity focused social care in practice

LaVallee D, White B, Van Vleet A, Johnson F, Bleser W, McNeil S
Presentations from 2022 SIREN National Research Meeting: Racial Health Equity in Social Care


Speakers: Dan LaVallee (UPMC Center for Social Impact), Brandy White (Freedom House 2.0 graduate & UPMC), Amanda Van Vleet (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services), Fred Johnson (DukeHealth), William Bleser (Duke University), Shemecka McNeil (Slice 325)

Moderator: Nameeta Mota (Patient Insight Institute; SIREN)


This session brought together two communities that are applying a racial health equity lens to on-the-ground social care programs, who each offered lessons learned from multiple perspectives (e.g. health care, lived experience/participant, social services, researcher/evaluator) that attendees could apply to their own initiatives.

1. "Addressing work as a social determinant of health: one Medicaid plan's approach to partnership" [PDF] by Dan LaVallee and Brandy White

2. "Lessons from North Carolina's COVID-19 support services program to address social needs” [PDF] by Amanda Van Vleet, Fred Johnson, Shemecka McNeil and William K. Bleser

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