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Examining the validity of clinical social risk screening tools

N. Henrikson, R. Sheward, Y. Cartier

Health care-based screening for social risks like food security, housing stability, and transportation access is rapidly spreading across US health care settings. The result has been an increased demand for multi-domain assessment tools, e.g. NACHC’s PRAPARE, CMMI’s Accountable Health Communities social risk screening tool, and the Health Leads questionnaire. Speakers on this SIREN webinar focused on whether and how gold standard methods have been applied to test social risk screening tools and what we know about the tools’ psychometric and pragmatic properties. Our first speaker, Nora Henrikson, PhD, MPH, shared findings from a systematic review that assessed evidence on the validity of 21 different social risk screening tools. Our second speaker, Richard Sheward, MPP, zeroed in on the evidence behind the Hunger Vital Sign(TM), a common food security screening tool.

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Henrickson N, Sheward R, Cartier Y. Examining the validity of clinical social risk screening tools. [webinar]. July 18, 2019.

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