The impact of COVID-19 on PRAPARE social determinants of health domains

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated how public health crises dramatically magnify existing health disparities due to the influence of the socialdeterminants of health (SDOH). This fact sheet is first in a series of tools for addressing SDOH during the COVID-19 pandemic, and outlines howPRAPARE SDOH domains impact individuals’ risk of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19. PRAPARE is the most widely used social risk screeningtool among community health centers, whose patient populations are at greatest risk of contracting and developing severe cases of COVID-19. Thoughthe domains below are specific to PRAPARE, many of these domains are aligned with national tools including UDS reporting requirements. Whilepresented separately, all of the social determinants of health are intimately interconnected. Care team members and aligned social services partners canuse this information to identify those who may be most vulnerable during this pandemic, prioritize patients in need of outreach and additional services,identify gaps in and develop plans for addressing social risks in the community, and work to attain and maintain health equity.

National Association of Community Health Centers. The impact of COVID-19 on PRAPARE social determinants of health domains. 2020. Available online.

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