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Inpatient screening of parental adversity and strengths

Shah AN, Goodman E, Lawler J, Bosse D, Rubeiz C, Beck AF, Parsons A
Hosp Pediatr

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Social adversities, including health-harming social risks and adverse childhood experiences, contribute to poor outcomes after hospital discharge. Screening for social adversities is increasingly pursued in outpatient settings. Identifying and addressing such adversities has been linked to improved child outcomes. Screening for social adversities and strengths in the inpatient setting may contribute to better transitions from hospital to home. Our goal was twofold: 1. to use qualitative methods to understand parent perspectives around screening tools for potential use in inpatient settings; and 2. to develop a family-friendly inpatient screening tool for social adversity. METHODS: We used in-depth, cognitive qualitative interviews with parents to elicit their views on existing screening tools covering social adversities and strengths. We partnered with a local nonprofit to recruit parents who recently had a child hospitalized or visited the emergency department. There were 2 phases of the study. In the first phase, we used qualitative methods to develop a screening prototype. In the second phase, we obtained feedback on the prototype. RESULTS: We interviewed 18 parents who identified 3 major themes around screening: 1. factors that promote parents to respond openly and honestly during screening; 2. feedback about screening tools and the prototype; and 3. screening should include resources. CONCLUSIONS: Social adversity routinely affects children; hospitalization is an important time to screen families for adversity and potential coexisting strengths. Using qualitative parent feedback, we developed the family friendly Collaborate to Optimize Parent Experience screening tool.

Shah AN, Goodman E, Lawler J, Bosse D, Rubeiz C, Beck AF, Parsons A. Inpatient screening of parental adversity and strengths. Hosp Pediatr. 2023;13(10):922-930. DOI:10.1542/hpeds.2022-007111. PMID: 37724391

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