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Keys to cross-sector collaboration: Learning from the implementation of a comprehensive social continuum assessment (CSCA)

K. Grounds, N. Blumenfeld , S.N. McKinlay, D. Francis
Health Leads

In this report, collaborators from Health Leads and 2-1-1 San Diego outline the purpose and impact of the Comprehensive Social Continuum Assessment (CSCA). Designed as a common language to understand the complexity of social influences on individuals, the CSCA was created by 2-1-1 San Diego to serve as a standard measurement tool shared by any practitioner and collaborator in a Community Information Exchange (CIE) who desired to capture the impact of an intervention, its value, and its ROI.

Learn how teams can use the CSCA is to: a) holistically capture the comprehensive needs of an individual and b) track change over time based on an individual’s perceived situation. Beyond the individual impact, the CSCA can also be used to assess whether interventions are advancing equity over time at a population health level.

Grounds K, Blumenfeld N, McKinlay SN, Francis D. Keys to Cross-Sector Collaboration: Learning from the Implementation of a Comprehensive Social Continuum Assessment (CSCA). Health Leads; August 2020. Available online.

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