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Patient acceptability of social risk screening

E. De Marchis, E. Byhoff

Recognition of the impact of social risks on health has spurred widespread interest in social risk screening across the US health care sector. Although the goal of this screening is to improve patient care and connect patients to resources to help address social risks, the sensitive nature of social risks raises concerns about the potential for screening to stigmatize patients and create opportunities for discrimination. To date few studies have evaluated patient perspectives on social risk screening. Presenters on this SIREN webinar shared results of a new multi-site study (papers in progress) that examined the acceptability of the Accountable Health Communities (AHC) social risk screening tool among patients in diverse health care settings in nine states.

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This webinar is funded through a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute® (PCORI®) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (7255-UCSF). The views presented in this webinar are solely the responsibility of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of PCORI®, its Board of Governors, or Methodology Committee.

De Marchis E and Byhoff E. Patient acceptability of social risk screening. [webinar] June 20, 2019.

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