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Patients' attitudes and perceptions regarding social needs screening and navigation: Multi-site survey in a large integrated health system

A.J. Rogers, C. Hamity, A.L. Sharp, A.H. Jackson, A.B. Schickedanz
J Gen Intern Med

Background: As more health care organizations integrate social needs screening and navigation programs into clinical care delivery, the patient perspective is necessary to guide implementation and achieve patient-centered care. Objectives: To examine patients' perceptions of whether social needs affect health and attitudes toward healthcare system efforts to screen for and address social needs. Research Design: Multi-site, self-administered survey to assess (1) patient perceptions of the health impact of commonly identified social needs; (2) experience of social needs; (3) degree of support for a health system addressing social needs, including which social needs should be screened for and intervened upon; and (4) attitudes toward a health system utilizing resources to address social needs. Analyses were conducted using multivariable logistic regression models with clinic site cluster adjustment. Subjects: Adult patients at seven primary care clinics within a large, integrated health system in Southern California. Main Measures: Survey measures of experience with, acceptability of, and attitudes toward clinical social determinants of health screening and navigation. Key Results: A total of 1161 patients participated, representing a 79% response rate. Most respondents (69%) agreed that social needs impact health and agreed their health system should ask about social needs (85%) and help address social needs (88%). Patients with social needs in the last year were more likely to (1) agree social needs impact health (OR 10.2, p

Rogers AJ, Hamity C, Sharp AL, Jackson AH, Schickedanz AB. Patients' attitudes and perceptions regarding social needs screening and navigation: multi-site survey in a large integrated health system. J Gen Intern Med. 2020. PMID: 31898132.

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