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Social needs data in the state Medicaid enrollment form: A content analysis

R. Longyear, J.E. Moore JE, C. Adams
Institute for Medicaid Innovation

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI), the nonprofit, nonpartisan Medicaid research group, released findings from their landmark study assessing the extent to which state Medicaid enrollment forms collect social determinants of health information. The study found wide variation in state inclusion of questions related to social needs with Oregon asking 21 questions and Missouri asking 7 questions. Of the questions on the enrollment form, 90% of states asked about language preference, 36% of states asked about housing or food assistance needs, 18% of states asked about homelessness, 16% asked about the presence of family violence, and 8% about transportation needs.

Longyear R, Moore JE, Adams C. Social Needs Data in the State Medicaid Enrollment Form: A Content Analysis. Washington DC: Institute for Medicaid Innovation; January 2020. Available online.

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