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Socioeconomic mobility and health equity: Lessons from the field

Richards P, Howard U, Broeckling J
Presentations from 2022 SIREN National Research Meeting: Racial Health Equity in Social Care


Socioeconomic mobility and health equity: Lessons from the field [PDF]

Speakers: Phyllis Richards (Social Current), Undraye Howard (Social Current), Jerica Broeckling (Social Current)


In July 2020, the Alliance (now known as Social Current) hosted a series of virtual Community Conversations with community leaders across the country, creating space for people to share strategies, successes, and challenges in their work to address the root causes of poverty. Several common themes emerged over the series of discussions with nearly 100 individuals representing community organizations, schools, public agencies, and health care. The conversations made clear that sustainable solutions will require significant shifts in how we think about and implement socioeconomic mobility efforts. This presentation focused on the six major themes surfaced from our 2020 National Community Conversations, highlighting both the entrenched, systemic challenges that human-serving organizations face in their anti-poverty work while centering on racial equity as well as core strategies and promising practices. The discussion included stories of how organizations are focusing on health equity and socioeconomic wellbeing.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how social care practitioners are working to address common barriers that nonprofits face when addressing socioeconomic wellbeing and health equity.
  2. Discuss their own challenges successes and promising practices.
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