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The Survey of Well-Being of Young Children

Floating Hospital for Children, Tufts Medical Center

From Tufts Medical Center: "The Survey of Well-being of Young Children (SWYC)™ is a freely-available, comprehensive screening instrument for children under 5 years of age. The SWYC was written to be simple to answer, short, and easy to read. The entire instrument requires 15 minutes or less to complete and is straightforward to score and interpret. The SWYC is approved by MassHealth for compliance with the Children's Behavioral Health Initiative screening guidelines. The SWYC is copyright © 2010 Tufts Medical Center."

There is a SWYC form for every age on the pediatric periodicity schedule, all versions are available on the Floating Hospital for Children website.

Translated into Spanish, Burmese, Nepali, Portuguese, and Arabic.

Download the screening tool.

The Survey of Well-Being of Young Children. Tufts Medical Center website. 2017.

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