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Understanding opportunities and barriers to launching social care initiatives in Medicare Advantage plans

D. Meyers, K. Thomas, L. Shields-Zeeman, L. Skopec

Recent federal policy changes have created new opportunities for Medicare Advantage plans to support social care in health care settings. Specifically, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) final call letter and federal Bipartisan Budget Act’s CHRONIC Care Act offer greater flexibility for Medicare Advantage plans to offer non-medical supports that may influence health outcomes.
In this webinar, researchers from the University of California San Francisco and Brown University presented results from new research studies conducted with Medicare Advantage Plans that explore how plans have responded to the unprecedented federal policy flexibility around supplemental benefits. Speakers will present findings on new benefits as well as on facilitators and barriers to program implementation.
The research presentations and interactive discussion about innovations in the Medicare Advantage program are designed to be of interest to practitioners, insurers, community-based organizations, policymakers, and researchers.

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Meyers D, Thomas K, Shields-Zeeman L, Skopec L. Opportunities and barriers to launching social care initiatives in Medicare Advantage plans. [webinar]. November 22, 2019. Available online.

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