Using social needs screening and patient feedback for complex care

The National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs

Understanding a patient’s social complexities is essential to support holistic clinical care, clinical quality improvement, and tailored care interventions. However, complex care programs may find it difficult to incorporate these factors into standard risk stratification methods. They may also face distrust from patients who have historically been poorly served or harmed by healthcare institutions. This webinar featured a risk stratification process developed by the Sooner Health Access Network, which provided care management services for Medicaid beneficiaries in Oklahoma Patient-Centered Medical Homes, and research results on reported patient acceptability of social risk screening in healthcare settings conducted by the Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network.

Armstrong G, De Marchis E, Mix R, Richard O. Using social needs screening and patient feedback for complex care. [webinar] February 27, 2020. Available online.

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