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August 2023 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Below are most of the articles published since the last newsletter. For a full list, see the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library.

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Kaiser Permanente's Social Needs Network for Evaluation and Translation Empirical Research Agenda Brown MC, Paolino AR, Dorsey CN, Kelly C, Lewis CC | AJPM Focus

Awareness - Identifying Social Risks

Comparison of Caregiver and Provider Food Insecurity Screening Preferences Within a Health System Alvis CE, Mosha M, Amankwah EK, Hernandez RG, Morrison JM | Clinical Pediatrics

Assessing Implementation of Social Screening Within US Health Care Settings: A Systematic Scoping Review  De Marchis EH, Aceves BA, Brown EM, Loomba V, Molina MF, Gottlieb LM | Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine

Community Health Center Staff Perspectives on Financial Payments for Social Care Lopez JM, Wing H, Ackerman SL, Hessler D, Gottlieb LM | Milbank Quarterly

Pediatric Primary Care Provider and Staff Perspectives on the Implementation of Electronic Health Record-Based Social Needs Interventions: A Mixed-Methods Study Lelaurin JH, De La Cruz J, Theis RP, et al |  Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

Incorporation and Utilization of an Additional Needs Screener by Surgical Trainees for Comprehensive Care of Underserved and Underinsured Surgical Patients Halada S, Chen AT, Ramadan OI, Li EH, Goldshore M, Morris JB, Morales CZ | Journal of Surgical Education 

A Qualitative Study of Perceptions and Preferences Regarding Social and Behavioral Risk Screening Among Primary Care Patients Takada S, Shen Z, Bourgois P, et al | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Engaging Emergency Nurses in Strategies to Address the Social Determinants of Health Wood EB, Brown A, Douglas CS, Lawrence J, Wotherspoon Z, Gollenberg A | Journal of Emergency Nursing

Non-Response Bias in Social Risk Factor Screening Among Adult Emergency Department Patients Vest JR, Mazurenko O |  Journal of Medical Systems

Natural Language Processing to Identify Social Determinants of Health in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia from Electronic Health Records Wu W, Holkeboer KJ, Kolawole TO, Carbone L, Mahmoudi E | Health Services Research

Emergency Department Use and Geospatial Variation in Social Determinants of Health: A Pilot Study From South Carolina DeMass R, Gupta D, Self S, Thomas D, Rudisill C | BMC Public Health

Associations Between Different Types of Housing Insecurity and Future Emergency Department Use Among a Cohort of Emergency Department Patients Routhier G, Mijanovich T, Schretzman M, Sell J, Gelberg L, Doran KM | Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 

Social Determinants of Health ICD-10 Code Use in Inpatient Pediatrics McQuistion K, Stokes S, Allard B, Bhansali P, Davidson A, Hall M, Magyar M, Parikh K | Pediatrics. See accompanying commentary here.

Assistance - Screening and Addressing Social Needs

A Social Care System Implemented in Pediatric Primary Care: A Cluster RCT Garg A, Brochier A, Tripodis Y, Messmer E, Drainoni ML | Pediatrics. See accompanying commentary here.

Redesign of a Primary Care–Based Housing Intervention to Address Upstream Housing Needs Arbour MC, Fico P, Yu N, Hur L, Srinivasan M, Gitomer R | NEJM Catalyst 

“Because There’s Experts That Do That”: Lessons Learned by Health Care Organizations When Partnering With Community Organizations Beidler LB, Fichtenberg C, Fraze TK | Journal of General Internal Medicine

Impact of Social Needs Case Management on Use of Medical and Behavioral Health Services: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial Fleming MD, Guo C, Knox M, Brown DM, Hernandez EA, Brewster AL | Annals of Internal Medicine

Caregiver Perspectives on Social Needs Screening and Interventions in an Urban Children’s Hospital Luke MJ, Fernandes DM, Leon Rodriguez FD, Acholonu RG, Fiori K | Hospital Pediatrics. See accompanying commentary here.

Screening for the Social Determinants of Health: Referring Patients to Community-Based Services Mullen LG, Oermann MH, Cockroft MC, Sharpe LM, Davison JA | Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

Essential Not Supplemental: Medicare Advantage Members' Use of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Razon N, Gottlieb LM, Fraze T |  Journal of General Internal Medicine

Commentaries & Blogs

Inadequacy of Current Screening Measures for Health-Related Social Needs Garg A, LeBlanc A, Raphael JL | JAMA

Health Systems and Social Services—A Bridge Too Far? Glied S, D’Aunno T | JAMA Health Forum

Assessing Patients' Social Risks: What Can England Learn from Emerging Evidence in the US? Fisher R, Gottlieb LM, De Marchis E, Alderwick H | The British Journal of General Practice

Section 1115 Medicaid Waivers for Health-Related Social Needs: A Problematic Tool Hermer L | Health Affairs Forefront

Food Is Medicine Movement—Key Actions Inside and Outside The Government Bleich SN, Dupuis R, Seligman HK | JAMA Health Forum

The Social Determinants of Health — Moving Beyond Screen-and-Refer to Intervention Vanjani R, Reddy N, Giron N, Bai E, Martino S, Smith M, Harrington-Steppen S, Trimbur MC | New England Journal of Medicine

A Novel Framework to Address the Complexities of Housing Insecurity and its Associated Health Outcomes and Inequities: "Give, Partner, Invest" Bhatnagar S, Lovelace J, Prushnok R, Kanter J, Eichner J, LaVallee D, Schuster J | International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Reports & Policy Briefs

Environmental Scan of Medical-Legal Partnerships in Health Centers Regenstein M, Baños J, Trott J | National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership

Social Needs Screening Among Non-Federal Acute Care Hospitals, 2022 Chang W, Richwine C | Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Data Brief 

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