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July 2021 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Below we highlight 14 of the 23 recently published peer-reviewed articles, commentaries, and reports that we added to the SIREN Evidence and Resource Library this month. Click here to see all resources in the Library by date.


Predictors of Elevated Social Risk in Pediatric Emergency Department Patients and Families
A.C. Rucker, A. Watson, G. Badolato, et al.
Pediatric Emergency Care

Factors Related to Providers Screening Children for Behavioral Health Risks in Primary Care Setttings
L.M. Jones, K. Nolte, A.J. O'Brien, J.M. Trumbell, & K.J. Mitchell
Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Implementation of Health-Related Social Needs Screening at Michigan Health Centers: A Qualitative Study
M. Greenwood-Ericksen, M. DeJonckheere, F. Syed, N. Choudhury, A.J. Cohen, & R. Tipirneni
Annals of Family Medicine

Social and Behavioral Variables in the Electronic Health Record: A Path Forward to Increase Data Quality and Utility
E.C. Lasser, J.M. Kim, E. Hatef, H. Kharrazi, J.A. Marsteller, & L.R. DeCamp
Academic Medicine


Using Health Navigators to Connect At-Risk Clients to Community Resources
T. Menendez, N.C. Barragan, T. Kuo, & J.L. Morrison
Journal of Public Health Management & Practice 

Aligning Health Care and Social Services to Reduce Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits: An Evaluation of the Community Care Connections Program
K. Akiya, E. Fisher, A. Wells, Y. Li, C. Peck, & J.A. Pagán
Medical Care


Building Trust in American Hospital-Community Development Projects: A Scoping Review
S. Nandyal, D. Strawhun, H. Stephen, A. Banks, & D. Skinner
Journal of Community Hospital Internal Medicine Perspectives

Pediatric Accountable Health Communities: Insights on Needed Capabilities and Potential Solutions
G.X. Wang, H.R. Frank, T.S. Santanam, et al. 


Reports, Issue Briefs, and Toolkits

Best Practices from the Field: Using Social Determinants of Health Resource and Referral Data to Increase Equitable Access and Connection Rates to Essential Resources
Health Leads

Policy Options for Integrating Health and Housing for Low-Income Older Adults
A. Hwang & A. Sanders
Center for Consumer Engagement in Health Innovations, Community Catalyst

A Primer for Multi-Sector Health Partnerships in Rural Areas and Small Cities
Build Healthy Places Network


Commentaries & Blogs

Social Prescribing in National Health Service Primary Care: What are the Ethical Considerations?
R.C.H. Brown, K. Mahtani, A. Turk, & S. Tierney
Milbank Quarterly

Applying Lessons from Behavioral Health Integration to Social Care Integration in Primary Care
T.J. Hoeft, D. Hessler, D. Francis, & L.M. Gottlieb
Annals of Family Medicine

As They Take on Food Insecurity, Community-Based Health Care Organizations Have Found Four Strategies that Work
J.P. Tanumihardjo, K.E. Gunter, & M.E. Peek
Health Affairs Blog

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