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May 2024 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
Vector abstract of pregnant woman

Peer-Reviewed Articles


Screening Tools to Address Social Determinants of Health in the United States: A Systematic Review Neshan M, Padmanaban V, Tsilimigras DI, Obeng-Gyasi S, Fareed N, Pawlik TM | Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

A Family-Centered Approach to Social Needs Awareness in the Pediatric Emergency Department Assaf RR, Padlipsky PS, Young KDA | PEC Innovation

Unpacking Patient Perspectives on Social Needs Screening: A Mixed Methods Study in Western Colorado Primary Care Practices  Broaddus-Shea ET, Jimenez-Zambrano A, Holliman BD, Connelly L, Huebschmann AG, Nederveld A | Patient Education and Counseling

Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Patient Care Workflows Within a Health System Specialty Pharmacy Han J, Tilkens M, Marciniak MW, Rhodes LA | Journal of the American Pharmacists Association

Screening for Social Determinants of Health Among Populations at Risk for MASLD: a Scoping Review Kim RG, Ballantyne A, Conroy MB, Price JC, Inadomi JM | Frontiers in Public Health

Evaluating Screening to Assess Endorsement of Food Insecurity in the Inpatient Setting Tepe KA, Auger KA, Rodas Marquez S, Atarama D, Sauers-Ford HS | Hospital Pediatrics

Understanding Social Needs Screening and Demographic Data Collection in Primary Care Practices Serving Maryland Medicare Patients Starling CM, Smith M, Kazi S, et al. | BMC Health Services Research


Food interventions

Local Food System Approaches to Address Food and Nutrition Security among Low-Income Populations: A Systematic Review Garrity K, Krzyzanowski Guerra K, Hart H, et al. | Advances in Nutrition

Improving Maternal Health and Birth Outcomes Through FreshRx: A Food-Is-Medicine Intervention Ferris D, Roll S, Huang J, et al. | American Journal of Health Promotion

A Dynamic, Multilevel Process Evaluation of a Produce Prescription Program at a Federally Qualified Health Center: 2017-2021 Description, Implementation, and Infrastructure Ylitalo KR, Cox W, Janda-Thomte KM, Walter K, Gill J, Hess B | Translational Behavioral Medicine

Addressing Food Insecurity in Rural Primary Care: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Barriers and Facilitators Jordanova KE, Suresh A, Canavan CR, et al. | BMC Primary Care

"We don't separate out these things. Everything is related": Partnerships with Indigenous Communities to Design, Implement, and Evaluate Multilevel Interventions to Reduce Health Disparities Rink E, Stotz SA, Johnson-Jennings M, et al. | Prevention Science

Other social interventions

Effect of a Legal Clinic Program Within an Urban Primary Health Care Center on Social Determinants of Health: A Program Evaluation Agarwal G, Pirrie M, Edwards D, et al. | Journal of Primary Care & Community Health

Toward Identification and Intervention to Address Financial Toxicity and Unmet Health-Related Social Needs Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults with Cancer and Their Caregivers: A Cross-Cultural Perspective Beauchemin MP, Solomon S, Michaels CL, et al. | Cancer Medicine

Advancing Social Care Integration in Health Systems with Community Health Workers: An Implementation Evaluation Based in Bronx, New York Fiori KP, Levano S, Haughton J, et al. | BMC Primary Care

Using Quality Improvement to Address Social Determinants of Health Needs in Perinatal Care Lee King P, Surenian A, Odom RM, et al. | Seminars in Perinatology

Identifying and Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Improve Patient-Centered Care Kalsi N, Gordon D, Geske J | Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

Integrating Social Needs Screening and Resource Referral into Standard Ambulatory Oncology Care: A Quality Improvement Project Wethington SL, Rositch AF, Yu R, et al. | JCO Oncology Practice

Commentaries & Blogs

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize — Focusing on Health Care Equity Fernandez A, Chin M | New England Journal of Medicine

Addressing Social Needs in Oncology Care: Another Research-To-Practice Gap Haines E, Shelton RC, Foley K, et al. | JNCI Cancer Spectrum

Produce Prescriptions Sound Good, but Data to Support Them Are Lacking-That Could Soon Change McKenna M | JAMA

Underestimated Challenges for Social Care Initiatives — Regulatory Compliance Sandhu S, Landauer R, Katz M, Gottlieb LM | New England Journal of Medicine

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