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September 2022 Research Round-Up

 - SIREN Staff
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Journal Articles 


Performance of 2 Single-Item Screening Questions to Identify Future Homelessness Among Emergency Department Patients 
Byrne T, Hoang M, Montgomery AE, et al. 
JAMA Network Open 

Food Insecurity Screening in a Pediatric Clinic: Findings on Documentation and Multidimensional Care Needs 
Fort V, Weintraub MR, Conell C, Dandekar A, Hayes E 
Permanente Journal 

Physician Awareness of Social Determinants of Health Documentation Capability in the Electronic Health Record
Iott BE, Pantell MS, Adler-Milstein J, Gottlieb LM 
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 

Implementing Health Related Social Needs Screening in an Outpatient Clinic 
Nohria R, Xiao N, Guardado R, et al. 
Journal of Primary Care & Community Health 

Parent Perspectives on Adverse Childhood Experiences & Unmet Social Needs Screening in the Medical Home: A Qualitative Study 
Selvaraj K, Korpics J, Osta AD, Hirshfield LE, Crowley-Matoka M, Bayldon BW 

Academic Pediatrics  

Associations Between Different Self-reported Social Risks and Neighborhood-level Resources in Medicaid Patients 
Miller-Rosales C, McCloskey J, Uratsu CS, Ralston JD, Bayliss EA, Grant RW 
Medical Care 


Social Care Recommendations in National Diabetes Treatment Guidelines 
Aceves B, Gunn R, Pisciotta M, et al. 
Current Diabetes Reports 

Transitional Care Innovation for Medicaid-Insured Individuals: Early Findings 
Brooks Carthon JM, Brom H, French R, et al. 
BMJ Open Quality 

Impacts of a Medical-Legal Partnership on Clinical Capacity to Address Social Determinants of Health 
Davis K, Fair ML, Buckingham C, McKinnon H, Theriot Roley L, & Sease K 
Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 

Feed1st, No Questions Asked: How a Hospital-Based Food Pantry Program Grew Its Impact During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Frazier CR, Pinkerton EA, Grana M, et al. 
American Journal of Public Health  

Mobile Social Screening and Referral Intervention in a Pediatric Emergency Department 
Kanak MM, Fleegler EW, Chang L, et al. 
Academic Pediatrics 

High Touch, High Trust: Using Community Health Advocates and Lawyers to Address ED High Utilizers 
Shankar KN, Dugas JN, Flacks J, et al. 
American Journal of Emergency Medicine 

Lessons on Increasing Racial and Health Equity From Accountable Health CommunitiesWilson BG, Jones E 
Journal for Healthcare Quality 

Crossing the Digital Divide: A Veteran Affairs Program to Distribute Video-Enabled Devices to Patients in a Supportive Housing Program 
Wray CM, Van Campen J, Hu J, Slightam C, Heyworth L, Zulman DM 

Testing the Feasibility and Dietary Impact of a "Produce Prescription" Program for Adults with Undermanaged Type 2 Diabetes and Food Insecurity in Australia 
Wu JH, Trieu K, Coyle D, et al. 
Journal of Nutrition 
(See accompanying editorial here.) 

Adjusting Clinical Care 

Effects of Real-time Prescription Benefit Recommendations on Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial 
Desai SM, Chen AZ, Wang J, et al. 
JAMA Internal Medicine 

Risk Adjustment 

Social Risk Adjustment In The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: A Systematic Review And Implications For Policy 
Rogstad TL, Gupta S, Connolly J, Shrank WH, Roberts ET 
Health Affairs 

Reports & Issue Briefs 

Measuring Health Confidence to Assess the Impact of Social Health Interventions in Health Care: Lessons from Primary Care Teams
Saada A, Francis D 
Health Leads 

Commentaries & Blogs 

Optimizing Investment in Housing as a Social Determinant of Health 
Butler SM 
JAMA Health Forum 

Housing Instability and Homelessness-An Undertreated Pediatric Chronic Condition 
Gabbay JM, Stewart AM, Wu AC 
JAMA Pediatrics 

Medicare’s Current Strategy for Health-Related Social Needs is Necessary but Not Sufficient 
Landauer R, McCrady E, Garfield K 
Health Affairs Forefront

Two Years After a Disappointing RCT in Camden: Reassessing Value and Building Ecosystems of Care 
Noonan K 
Health Affairs Forefront 

Social Risk Screening and Interventions in Healthcare Settings: Opportunities, Challenges, and Future Research 
Palakshappa D, Brown CL, Skelton JA, Goodpasture M, Albertini LW, Montez K 
Academic Pediatrics 

Building Black Wealth - The Role of Health Systems in Closing the Gap 
South E, Venkataramani A, Dalembert G 
New England Journal of Medicine